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Quality - F

We’ve seen many reviews over the last two months, so we decided to write our own. Most of the reviews we’ve read were negative, with only a few neutral. There were two or three positive ones, but we don’t know who wrote them. They may have been written but the company’s staff to promote their services. Long story short, the negative reviews we’ve read are all accurate. This company is unable to deliver quality services to its clients. We ordered a very simple paper on a subject in biology. It really didn’t require more than 6 hours of work to get a perfect paper on this topic. Yet the writer from managed to do a horrendous job. The essay was full of grammar and spelling errors and we even found some part there were clearly copied from other sources. Not reworded, but copied. It is in your best interest to completely avoid WriteMyPaper4me for anything related to writing and editing. They are horrible!


Services - C

We also analyzed the services offered by the company as part of our review. There aren’t many to speak of. Yes, they are very proud of their ability to write essays and research papers on a wide variety of topics. However, as you can see, the quality of their work is very low. You can’t even call the piece of content we received an essay. They can do term papers, which is something we would not recommend to anyone to purchase from this company. We saw a review congratulating their editing and proofreading skills. Yet they couldn’t even edit and proofread their own essay. This leads us to believe that some of the reviews online are misleading and are written just to promote this company.

Prices - F

In our review of WriteMyPaper4me, we carefully analyzed the prices. We do admit that the price per page is affordable. If it were another company, it would have received an A or a B here. However, we also need to take into consideration the quality of the end product. And the quality of the essay we received was very low. In other words, it’s not worth even the low price per page. We sincerely advise you to look elsewhere for essay writing services. Don’t get fooled by the low prices. This writing service gets an F from us in our review.


Delivery - C

Again, WriteMyPaper4me managed to disappoint us entirely. The writer submitted the essay almost two days after the deadline had passed. This is completely unacceptable. Students need the work done on time and sent to them on or before the deadline. Otherwise, the essay would be unusable and the money would be wasted. This is why we will give the company a C in our review. The only positive thing about the writer is that he did apologize for the delay. And to be honest, his English wasn’t too good.

Support - B

The only positive thing about the company is its customer support department. We received timely answers to all our questions. And yes, they even replied to our emails during the night. It’s clear that whoever is heading the support department is doing a great job., however, is useless when it comes to writing essays. We noticed several errors in their replies, which leads us to believe that the writers are not native English speakers. We were unable to find out exactly where the company is based. In any case, the support was good, so the company receives a B here.


Our review falls in line with most of the other reviews we’ve read on the Internet. This company is simply unable to deliver a quality essay to its clients. And even the poorly written paper is sent late. The price per page is way too high for such horrible quality. And don’t even think about giving their editing and proofreading services a try. You’ll be very disappointed otherwise! is not a company you can safely work with. We’ve tried and we did our best. This being said, and considering all the other reviews, we feel that an F is the best we can do for Overall Experience. Avoid this company!

  • Support isn’t too bad
  • Prices
  • Quality
  • Delivery

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