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Quality - A

I learned about WriteMyessay4me through a friend and wanted to see how well they write papers. I had high expectations before giving my review and I must say the paper was well-written. They gave detailed information about the topic and I was able to provide detailed directions for formatting and organization of content. The paper looked great and it was worthy of the A minus it received. There was a minor issue with readability and flow of content but other than that I couldn’t complain when it came to the final result. The topic wasn’t easy to write about but I did learn a couple of things about how to get a paper to look its best. For my review I give the company an A for their effort on quality.


Services - C

The services provided by didn’t meet my expectations. I gave WriteMyessay4me a C rating because they could have executed some of their services better with the need to request so many changes over again. They did have services you’d expect to see through a pro writing company such as proofreading and editing. I thought I may use these in the future for other writing assignments. But since there were issues related to the writing process and information I wanted to include, that affects the final rating for my experience. Other reviews for their services claimed customers got what they needed for their topics. My experience lacks the efficiency I was expecting so they earned a C.

Prices - B

Something that caught my attention with previous reviews was the way customers claimed the rates were cheap. Other reviews claimed they offered good prices for papers, but I think they are okay for the help I got. The price was affordable but since I had some issues with service it would have been nice to get a discount. While their writers provided good content for my course studies, it would have been nice to have good service you don’t mind paying for to ensure the customer is satisfied. I gave the company a B rating for their pricing but it may be worth the cost when making improvements to other areas of service.


Delivery - B

For experience with delivery I give a letter grade of B for my review. I can agree with other reviews that mentioned good comments about delivery. I had time to review the content and make some small changes. I did expect the paper to be done sooner since the topic was easy and it didn’t require as much research. But I can’t complain too much since the paper was presentable once I made final changes. They did apologize for the delay and review other significant details about their delivery process I found helpful. Because there was a slight delay in getting the paper finished, my delivery review experience was positive overall.

Support - C

I thought it was easy to submit my request on their website, so I’m thinking their support should be easy to get anytime. The support provided by was good but could have been better. I learned the progress of my paper and was able to ask questions anytime while the paper was written. Sometimes I got complete answers and other times it seemed like they knew limited information. I did expect customer support to be better but it wasn’t too bad. Since they didn’t provide an update on progress throughout the process I think WriteMyessay4me deserves a C.


My overall experience is not like other reviews because I think the company can do better across the board with their services. My review doesn’t reflect what I was hoping for, but at least I got the paper I needed. I think if they improve parts of their services, I could recommend to anyone looking for paper writing help. I think they are a decent company for anyone seeking custom writing help that’s cheap. Other than that, the experience was interesting since it was my first time hiring outside help for writing. Yet, they need to work on improving how they execute services to customers to ensure they come back for more help. I am giving an overall grade a C.

  • Quality was rather good
  • Support needs training
  • Little variety of services

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