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Quality - A

I have to be honest with you; very few academic writing services managed to impress me the way this company did. However, this review is objective and to the point. I am always very severe with services that do not meet certain expectations. In terms of quality, I will give this company an A in my review. Why? Because the paper I received from them was excellent in every way. Really, I couldn’t have asked for more! The style and tone were exactly what I demanded. The content was fresh, informative and interesting. Everything was cited and referenced properly. There were absolutely no grammar or spelling errors in the text, which tells me that the company employs seasoned editors. The essay was written in proper academic format, so I honestly didn’t need to make any edits. The essay was ready for submissions from the moment I received it, and the score reflects this in my review.

Services - A

Services are important because it’s always better for students to be able to get all the writing and editing services from one place. The good news is that has a very diverse offering. They can write academic papers on any subject and topic (and the quality is outstanding, in my opinion). Their writers can help you with resources, drafts, outlines, or just some polishing. The editors are ready to proofread and edit your own paper to make sure it is perfect in every way. In other words, you can get all the writing services you would ever need as a student right here. certainly deserves a top score for Services – an A!

Prices - A

When it comes to prices, is unbeatable. I’ve looked at many other reviews to try to find out if they are always this good. It seems they are, and this is excellent news! The company has one of the lowest prices per page I’ve seen in a long time. And taking into consideration the fact that the essay they sent me was top notch, I really think the company deserves a very good score in my review. Also, it is worth noting that the company offered me a very good discount because I was a new client. They also mentioned other discounts if I order papers from them in the future. I really appreciate these loyalty discounts because they are something few writing companies are willing to offer to students.

Delivery - A

Delivery was on time, so there were absolutely no problem. The writer actually sent the work sooner, but I didn’t see their email until a bit later. Weeklyessay gets a well-deserved A rating here, of course. As you can imagine, I am very careful with delivery when I write my reviews. If a company delivers late, I will penalize it harshly. Why? Because students may need to turn in the paper very fast. An essay sent too late is useless.

Support - B

This is where this company could be better. I’ve seen this problem in many reviews as well, unfortunately. Even though the customer support department should work around the clock, even on weekends, it looks like it does not. They were fast to answer the messages and emails I sent during the day, but they responded to messages and emails sent during the night next morning. Other than that, they were great. As such, I am forced to give Weeklyessay a B here.


Overall, Weeklyessay did a very good job. This writing service is reliable, trustworthy and very reliable. All the reviews I’ve read so far have praised the quality of their writers and editors. Also, I am very happy with their list of services, with their prices, and with their punctuality.

  • Prices
  • Punctuality
  • Wide list of services
  • Support could be better

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