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Quality - C

When we saw so many reviews all over the Internet, we immediately started to prepare for a review. It looks like students are ordering quite a lot of academic papers from this company. The only problem is that the writing service didn’t live up to our expectations in our own review. The essay we ordered was pretty basic. It was an interesting, not overly complex topic in economy. However, the paper we received had so many mistakes that we had to ask for a complete rewrite. The second version turned out to be just as flawed. We gave up and didn’t ask for a second rewrite. We edited the paper ourselves to make it usable. There were grammar and spelling errors all over the place. The essay was not written in academic format. Bottom line, this essay doesn’t deserve more than a C from us. At least nothing was plagiarized.


Services - B

The services offered by are quite diverse. You can get any type of academic paper (including research papers, of course) from them. They can even complete a paper in one day, according to their website. You will have to pay extra for this though. Also, don’t forget that the quality is quite low. Other services include editing and proofreading. They can also write term papers and even help students with study materials. You can get research and date from their experts to help you with your essays. We don’t need theses or dissertations, but it would have been great to see them in the list of services being offered by Ultius. In any case, the company gets a B for Services in our review.

Prices - C

Several reviews we’ve read complained about the prices practiced by this writing service. We have to admit, the prices are pretty high, considering that the paper we received was flawed. We’ve received better essays from companies that quoted us a price that was 20% lower. This is exactly why we are giving a C for Prices in our review. After all, if you pay good money for an essay, you want the paper to be top notch. You certainly don’t expect to spend 2 hours of your time editing and proofreading the essay. Companies that demand a high price per page are supposed to offer excellent customer service. And Ultius does not, unfortunately.


Delivery - C

We didn’t see this mentioned in other reviews, but the writer sent us the essay late. 6 hours late, to be more precise. Maybe this didn’t matter much in other reviews, but it matters a lot to us. If we pay for a service and we are guaranteed that product will get to us on time, we expect to see the essay in our inbox on or before the deadline. This did not happen when we worked with Ultius, unfortunately. Also, we must mention that the writer didn’t provide an explanation for the delay. He simply sent the essay and that was it. gets just a C for delivery.

Support - B

While writing our review, we interacted with the company’s support department several times. We also contacted them during the night to see if they respond. They did, which is great. Also, they replied to each one of our emails and chat messages (on the website) quickly, in less than 40 minutes. The only problem is that many of the responses were boilerplate and we had to reply to them to reach a human being. We don’t like wasting time with automated responses, so we will give the company a B instead of an A for Support in our review.


While many reviews we’ve read are positive, we didn’t have the same luck. During our review, the company did not do a great job with the writing part. They did not send the essay to us on time. The price was way too high for this level of quality. On the other hand, the support department was OK and the services are relatively diverse. But the quality and deadlines must be respected. This is why we can only give Ultius a C for Overall Experience. You’ll get better service from other writing companies, for a lower price.

  • Diverse services
  • Support was good
  • Quality
  • Price
  • Time

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