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Quality - F

I am very sad to report that this writing service is far from being reliable. The writer did a very poor job at writing my paper. Also, most of the other reviews I’ve seen mention the lack of quality. Long story short, I ordered a paper on a pretty simple topic in mathematics from them 4 days ago. The quality of the writing is very low and there are plenty of errors in the text. I’ve had to fix dozens of typos, as well as some grammar and spelling errors. On top of this, some of the text has clearly been copied from other sources. Bottom line, disappointed me entirely, so it doesn’t deserve more than an F here.

Services - C

The services of this writing company are not too diverse or too reliable. offers to write essays on most of the topics a student would need. However, their proofreading and editing service is clearly not reliable. If they couldn’t proofread and edit their own work, how can you expect them to proofread your paper? Also, UkEssays doesn’t offer a thesis writing service. I am not satisfied with the way they present their services and I couldn’t get an answer from the customer support department when I asked about other services. This is why UkEssays gets only a C from me for its services, unfortunately.

Prices - C

In my reviews, I pay great attention to the costs. After all, students are not made of money. In most cases, they are struggling to save enough money to buy an essay they desperately need. And when this happens, I am sure students need the best quality that their money can buy. In my review, I have to give a C to this writing service. Even though the price per page is decent, I feel that the quality of the writing is so bad it doesn’t warrant this price. You should not pay this kind of money for this kind of quality, period. And on a side note, I feel obliged to mention in my review that there are many other writing services that offer much higher quality and customer service than this company, for the same price.

Delivery - F

I must admit that I expected them to at least deliver on time. It didn’t happen! sent me the paper two days after the deadline had passed. Also, there was absolutely no explanation for the delay. There was no apology. If I would have needed the essay the day after the deadline, I wouldn’t have been able to submit it. Not to mention that it took me 3 hours to improve their essay to make it passable. I am sorry, but I feel an F is appropriate for Delivery in my review. Perhaps if they would have sent the paper on time, I would have been more lenient with the company.

Support - F

I’ve seen many reviews complaining about this company’s lack of communication. And I am sad to say that these reviews were correct. I emailed the customer support department on three separate occasions and also sent them two messages on their website. I only received a reply to one email. Of course, they didn’t bother to reply during the night. The reply was full of errors and was clearly not written by a native English speaker. Moreover, I didn’t get any useful information from them. Unfortunately, I have to give the company an F for Support in my review.


I’ve seen many negative reviews on the Internet about I even saw people who were complaining that they felt scammed. Truth be told, these reviews are very close to the truth. UkEssays did not write a proper essay and sent it 2 days late, which is unacceptable. In addition, their customer support is almost nonexistent. During my review of UkEssays, the company managed to disappoint me entirely. The price per page, while decent, does not reflect the quality of the work. And the services are pretty basic for an online writing service. All in all, with all things considered, I am confident to say that this academic writing company does not deserve more than an F for Overall Experience.

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