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Quality - A

Wow, what an academic writing service! It was an absolute pleasure to write a review about this company. To be honest, I really like what I received. Yes, there were some problems, but nothing major. The quality of the essay I ordered was excellent. The content was original and it is clear that it was written from scratch. In addition, the information was fresh and accurate. The tone and style were exactly what I was looking for. Other reviews I’ve read also indicate that this company always delivers excellent content to students. Of course, the essay was written in proper academic format – and all relevant guidelines have been respected. I feel deserves a top rating (A) for quality.


Services - B

This company has a relatively diverse range of services. However, thesishelpers doesn’t offer all the services students would need. I think some editing services would have been great. Also, a thesis and dissertation writing service would be of great help. In any case, I will not penalize them very harshly for this in my review. After all, if students need other services, they can use another service. Keep in mind that this website has plenty of reviews of various academic writing services. You will most likely find a service that offers what you need – if you don’t like what you see in this review. In any case, the company deserves a B grade here. One last thing: they don’t seem to offer outlines and/or topic lists.

Prices - A

The price per page quoted by thesishelpers is one of the best I’ve seen in my life. Really, trust me, I am impressed! So far, I’ve tried dozens of widely different academic writing services. This one is simply the best in terms of prices. Every review I’ve read on the Internet supports this idea as well. Taking into consideration the quality of the essay I received from these writers, the price is even better. You won’t find lower prices for this level of quality elsewhere. And keep in mind that I ordered a paper on a very difficult topic in political sciences. I didn’t expect them to do such a good job for this price. In fact, I was almost certain that I would have to write a pretty negative review. I’m happy things turned out to be OK in the end though.


Delivery - B

Another very important part of my reviews is the delivery. Unfortunately, there was a slight hiccup here. The writer sent the paper a bit late. Not too late though – just an hour or so. However, I am forced to penalize the company for the delay. The writer came up with a very good excuse and I completely understand that things happen in life. This is exactly why I am giving the service a B rating instead of a lower one. The delay wasn’t too big and I can’t say that it cost me anything. Also, none of the other reviews I’ve read mentioned any delays. Perhaps it was just a mishap.

Support - A

What can I say? really takes customer support seriously. I tried their support department with 2 messages and an email. The email was sent at 3 AM to make sure they really work 24/7. I put great emphasis on great customer support in my reviews, as you can see. The reality is that offers excellent customer support. They exceeded my every expectation. The two messages received answers in a couple minutes. They replied to the email in 30 minutes (in the middle of the night). The answers were professional, helpful, and very polite. They were clearly written by native English speakers.


To be honest, it was a real pleasure reviewing thesishelpers. The price was very low for this kind of customer service. The company has an outstanding customer support department. The services could have been a bit more diverse and there was a minor problem with delivery. I did penalize the company in my review, but not too harshly. Truth be told, I am very impressed by the way they do business. This company definitely deserves a top rating. It’s one of the few companies to get an A for Overall Experience from me.

  • Best customer support
  • Great quality of thesis
  • Minor problems with delivery
  • Could have more services

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