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  • Price: from 17.55$ per page
  • Delivery: from 3 hours

Quality - B

After reading several reviews, we came to the conclusion that we have to write a review on our own. The reviews we saw were too good to be true, so we decided to give this writing service a try. We ordered an essay on a rather difficult topic in mathematics. And to be honest, these guys really managed to exceed our expectations. We are very happy to say that the essay we received from was free of spelling and grammar errors. The sentences were well structured without any awkward phrasing. The content was interesting, 100% original and of high quality. The only problem we noticed is related to formatting. It seems the writer wasn’t very experienced writing in proper academic format. Even though it didn’t take us more than 15 minutes to fix the formatting, we still need to penalize A B+ is adequate.


Services - A

The services are quite diverse and very well structured. Termpapereasy easily gets the top score here. Students can get any kind of academic paper written on any subject and topic. It seems the writers hold degrees in various fields, which means they are able to write on a wide variety of topics. Also, proofreading and even editing services are being offered. The company clearly has an editorial department, and the editors are experienced. Termpapereasy is definitely your one stop shop for all your academic content needs. After talking to the customer support department, they assured us that they would be happy to help with ideas, topics, outlines, and so on. Excellent array of services!

Prices - A

The prices quoted by Termpapereasy per page are extremely competitive. It’s as if the staff is actively searching for competitors and taking steps to match or beat their prices. This is what we call excellent pricing! It’s clear that these people care about the student and about his or her money. The fact that we received a very good essay from the company means that the prices are really unbeatable. In other words, you will have a very difficult time finding a cheaper company that offers this level of academic content quality. Bottom line, we are more than happy to award the company the top score in our review. Congratulations!


Delivery - A

Delivery was on time. There were absolutely no issues and no excuses. The writer did his job quickly and sent us the essay on time. We looked at other reviews as well, and nobody had any complaints about delivery. We feel the company is very attentive to details. They are very careful with deadlines, which is very good news – especially for students who need a quick turnaround time. To be honest, we expected the delivery to be on time. This company looks very promising, so we are happy to award it an A in our review.

Support - B

When it comes to support, is good, but not excellent. We sent them 2 messages and email (the email was sent at 2 in the morning). They replied pretty fast to the messages, in less than 30 minutes. However, they replied to our email at 7 in the morning. While this isn’t a very big issues, we still feel that the company should be penalized. 24 hours support means that the customer support department should have replied to our email in less than one hour, even in the middle of the night. On the bright side, the replies we received were very polite and helpful. They didn’t dodge any of our questions. We will give this service a B for this part of our review.


It was a pleasure to review this academic writing service. And the fact that over 90% of the other reviews we’ve read are very positive makes me recommend this company to all students who need help with term paper writing.

  • Quality is great
  • Services, prices, delivery – superb
  • Cool design
  • The content should have been formatted a bit better to adhere to all academic writing standards

  • The support department should be more active during the night


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