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Quality - B

Today we will be reviewing This writing service is relatively new, but it seems that some students have already placed orders with them. We ordered an essay as well, to test just how well this company does its job. To our surprise, SamedayEssay sent us a paper that was actually pretty good. Their writer clearly had experience writing academic content, which is not something you see often when it comes to new writing companies. The content was fun to read and quite interesting. It was properly referenced and cited. Also, the writer formatted the paper in the correct academic format. The only problem was the occurrence of some typos, which shows us that the writer did not proofread his work and that there is no editorial department. If there is, the editors are not doing a good job. In any case, we give this service a B for Quality in our review.


Services - B

Some of the other reviews complained about the lack of services. We don’t think their offering is lacking. Students can get any type of paper from these people and the quality is pretty good. Also, they offer editing and proofreading services. If you want to buy a term paper, you can do so. In addition, you can discuss directly with the writer in case you want him or her to work on a custom project. SamedayEssay did not manage to impress us, but their services are quite varied. We wouldn’t use their editing or proofreading services though, because of the typos in the essay we received from them. We think a B is adequate for the company in our review.

Prices - A

When it comes to prices, SamedayEssay is great! The price per page is excellent, and one of the lowest we’ve seen. After all, is a relatively new company and it’s definitely working hard to build a base of devoted clients. They even offered us a discount because we were a new client and told us we would get another discount if we place a large order. We’ve noticed these discounts in other reviews on the Internet as well. These people really know how to advertise their services! Students can get a relatively good essay for an affordable price and SamedayEssay gets another satisfied client. It’s a win-win scenario. The company gets an A in our review for its excellent pricing structure.


Delivery - C

We were sad to see that during our review, the company submitted the work to us late. They were over 15 hours late, which is not a small delay. As such, we are forced to give the writing service just a C rating. We do understand that they don’t yet have enough writers and editors to satisfy the needs of all their clients on time. However, sending an essay late is a very serious issue which can cause serious problems for clients. When there is a backlog of orders, the company should stop taking new orders.

Support - C

When it comes to support, fails. We’ve noticed quite a lot of other reviews complaining about this as well. The replies are slow and the support people are missing emails and messages. We think there are not enough people in the support department to handle the increasing number of orders. In any case, this can be resolved by hiring some new specialists. Don’t expect a reply during night hours though. And another problem we’ve noticed with is some of their support reps are not native English speakers. The replies contained various mistakes. Overall, we feel the Support department deserves a C. There is a lot of room for improvement.


Overall, the experience has been mixed. We agree with most other reviews: this company definitely has potential to grow. However, they need to work on their support and their delivery. Some reviews also complained about the quality of their work, even though we received a pretty nice essay from them. All in all, we feel this writing service deserves a C rating for Overall Experience in our review. It can grow into a reliable essay writing service over time. However, at present time, things could definitely be better.

  • I liked the price. It’s really cheap.
  • Deadline missed
  • Support agents need training

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