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This Is How You Write a Good Research Paper Introduction

Writing a research paper is one of the most difficult things college students need to do. And they need to do it every semester; sometimes even a couple times per semester. But did you know that you can make things a lot easier for yourself? By writing an excellent research paper introduction, you can gain a lot. In fact, most professional writers consider the research paper introduction one of the most important parts – if not THE most important part – of the entire academic paper. Of course, the conclusion and the body paragraph all have their importance. But the research paper introduction is the one thing that can instantly gain you the favor of your professor.

What Is the Research Paper Introduction?

Before we get into details about how to write an introduction to a research paper, let’s first see what it is. As you’ve probably guessed it, the introduction is the very first paragraph of your paper. It’s the paragraph that sits right below the title. Most students think that the introduction is comprised of just the first 2 or 3 sentences. This is not true. It is the entire paragraph. You will never learn how to start a research paper intro if you don’t know what this intro is. In general, the introduction is around 100 to 250 words long. It must provide background information on your topic, present your thesis statement, and perhaps even show your readers why your research is important.

Why It’s Important to Learn How to Start a Research Paper Intro

But why is it so important to learn how to write an introduction to a research paper? Because this is the first paragraph your readers will see, it has the potential to captivate their attention. You can instantly hook your readers and keep them reading. The best writers use the introduction to show their readers why their research is so important and why they should keep reading. You can include questions, anecdotes, statistics – everything you can think of that will pique the interest of your readers.

And students need to be aware that professors pay great attention to the research paper introduction. The truth is that most teachers are bored of reading the same thing over and over again. This is why it is so important to find an interesting topic and to write an excellent introduction for your research paper. When you show that you can think outside the box, you immediately get bonus points. Yes, your professor will be willing to give you a pass on some errors if you manage to impress him with your topic and, most importantly, your introduction. In other words, learn how to write an introduction for a research paper right away to get better grades on your essays!

Here Is How to Write an Introduction to a Research Paper

To help out students as much as possible, we asked our experienced academic writers to put together a small, basic guide on how to write the intro for a research paper. We believe that seeing a research paper introduction example will help students a lot more than just plain information. So here is what you need to do to craft an amazing introduction in record time:

  1. Think about a topic that is unique and interesting; make sure you can find plenty of information to write an essay about the chosen topic.
  2. Do the research and find an area of interest. Write down a captivating thesis statement (this is what your essay aims to demonstrate).
  3. Start by writing the body of the research paper. Yes, that’s right, the body! You will write the research paper introduction last, when you know every piece of information presented in your essay.
  4. Write the introduction to research paper keeping in mind the information you presented in the body of the paper. Start it with the thesis statement. Provide some information about the topic and then end the intro with a connecting sentence that makes a smooth transition to the first body paragraph.

Looking for Assistance Online?

That wasn’t so hard, was it? You just follow these basic steps and you write any kind of introduction to any type of academic paper in no time. Simple! And if you need some assistance, you can get it online. Remember that nowadays there are writing services where professional writers can help students write a research paper introduction that really captures the essence of the essay. However, if you are looking to get assistance online, make sure you pick and academic writing company that has experience and that is trustworthy. You definitely want the best of the best if you are to get a top grade on each and every research paper you write!

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