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  • Price: from 29$ per page
  • Delivery: from 6 hours

Quality - C

I count myself as highly conscientious, so it really caught me off guard a few months age when I found I just couldn’t complete an assignment on time. I discussed this with my best university friend and he told me that while he knows I’m not going to gel to the idea, he suggested I consider an online custom writing company just this once. After research, I found and quickly skimmed over their website to see what they’re about. Reviews aren’t particularly flattering, and for a new company, reviews show that they’re making big promises which they can’t keep.


Services - C provides homework and assignment writing services. They offer a big array of products and services – academic writing products for graduate-, undergraduate and professional school students. This is useful for busy students who can’t always get down to writing an assignment. If you study a review on the company, you’ll see they have a team of dedicated experts to handle your writing projects for you, providing students with updates along the way. They say they work with students from all kinds of schools, with experts specializing in various topics – from English Literature to history to Molecular Biology and more. They offer you your money back if you don’t get an A or B, but with the services they offer, this is a huge scam – just plain impossible.

Prices - F

It irritates me when people, with any kinds of services they offer aren’t upfront with prices from word go. That’s one good thing with this writing service – when you look on a review site, their prices are laid out quite nicely. Reviews say their prices aren’t low, and they are in fact rather high. They say for instance that writing assignments start from $29 a page and that their work is plagiarism-free. Things such as length of paper and other technicalities will determine the final amount you pay for the work. There didn’t seem to be much information on things such as discounts and promo codes. This leads me to believe its fixed prices. However, time was running out, and I didn’t have time to do more research on other companies, so I went ahead with them to get my assignment done as quickly as possible. It’s not surprising that a review on this writing company says high prices but low quality. My paper had quite a few irritating grammar and spelling errors.


Delivery - F

I ordered a Geography paper and had it delivered to me via email. It wasn’t within the deadline. This is after promising me that it would take 8 hours or so. Delivery wasn’t on time, and the content wasn’t up to scratch. You could see that proper research was lacking, and worse, the writer just seemed to ignore my instructions.

Support - F

Because PayMeToDoYourHomework promises to have your paper completed within 24 hours, and mine wasn’t, I needed to contact Customer Support or Customer Services. I’d seen with reviews that people complained about their services, and this is totally true. In my review, I can’t not complain because in fact the only contact details I could find was an email address that looked suspect. Speaking to a real, live person is like an impossibility. They say in reviews that if you want to get in touch with them feel free to reach out. Like Hang! I’ve tried in panic fashion to get hold of someone, but you can quickly see that with PayMeToDoYourHomework there is no way that you can be in touch with your writer.


I’ve read a few reviews and the general consensus among students is that this is one writing company to avoid. A review from me will tell you that this company can’t be recommended. True, I didn’t encounter any issues with security or privacy, so that is at least something good to say about them. is not to be trusted if you’re looking for impressive essays. The writing of my paper was almost amateurish, and it certainly didn’t get me that coveted A or B like they suggest on their website. I have to be honest and give PayMeToDoYourHomework and ‘F’ rating as I just feel as though there aren’t any benefits for students here. I have to agree with the reviews I’ve read – it’s best to look elsewhere if you want a better deal than this.

  • None
  • Too overpriced
  • Failed deadline
  • You cannot talk to writers

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