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Parts Of Research Paper Explained

Research paper writing is an integral part of your education regardless of the education level. You are required to write research papers from time to time as part of the requirements for the course work each semester. And while you may have done numerous of these papers so far, you should ask yourself whether you have been writing the essays in the right way. Have I been placing the term paper parts in chronological order? If you are not sure about this, take a look at this piece that elaborates in detail the parts of research paper and their correct order.

Research Paper Parts Writing Guide

There are eight research paper parts that any scholar should take note of during the research process. These are the cover page, abstract, the introduction, the methodology used, the research limitations, literature review, the argument, conclusion, and references. Each of these parts are essential in coming up with a well-structured paper. Have a closer look at these term paper parts.

  • Cover page – This piece of paper contains the title of the paper, the name of the student and that of the facilitator. The name of the educational institution and the unit taken are also included here.
  • Abstract – The abstract usually contains a brief overview of what the entire research paper is about. This part of the paper is not necessary when writing short term papers, but if yours is a long one, it is essential to include it.
  • Introduction – In every introduction, you should state what the problem is, and elaborate the intent of writing the paper. Longer papers require an equally long introduction, but in short ones, you can restrict the term paper introduction to one or two paragraphs at most.
  • Study limitations – In this section, you are required to indicate what your study is going to be based on. Explain what you will handle explicitly. This will limit your study and help you avoid overstepping the boundaries that you set.
  • The research methodology –Here, you are required to state the kind of method you used during the research process. Did you employ qualitative or quantitative research methods in the research paper parts? Additionally, which between a questionnaire and an interview did you use to get information from your subjects? Which libraries did you use? If you employed field research, what methods did you use to collect the data for the term paper parts?
  • Literature review – Of the five research paper parts that you are required to write, this is one of the most critical ones considering that you have to give details of what other scholars are saying concerning the topic you want to focus on. Only after discussing this can you begin explaining your point of view. Note that the list of terms that you used should be included here.
  • Body – This is also known as the argument. In this section, you should now explain in detail your argument. Use relevant sources to back up the term paper body. The analyses that you came up with should be included in this section. This should be backed up by the citations from scholarly texts on the same topic.
  • Conclusion – Once you have written all your facts, you will have to sum up your paper. Write a summary of the deductions you made from the research and give recommendations based on the findings you made. The term paper conclusion should also be very concise as is the case with the introduction and abstract.
  • References – While many may argue that other parts of the paper are the most important, we tend to think that this is one of the chapters of a research paper that should be paid the most attention. Without the referencing, your paper is as good as nothing. Here all the material you used to come up with the paper is listed. You have to use the citation method that the lecturer provided for the research paper.

What To Kno About Research Paper Structure

While addressing each of these term paper parts to come up with a relevant text, you need to take into consideration a few factors like:

  • Grammar

If your facilitator comes across a spelling, punctuation, or odd sentence structure in any of your term paper chapters, you will lose marks for it. Thus, make use of grammar checking apps to ensure that you present a perfect paper with no errors. Some of these are available online for free, but they are not as thorough as the premium options. If you do not have one of these tools, find some of the top students in your class to proofread your work and point out any mistakes that you may have missed.

  • Coherence

Ensure that there is coherence throughout the paper especially when transitioning to other parts of research paper. To be on the safe side, you can opt to get assistance from a qualified research paper writer to avoid making any mistake in the parts of research paper that may cost you dearly.

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