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Quality - C

We started seeing more and more reviews online, so we decided to take a closer look at this writing service. Truth be told, we really don’t know why so many people talk about this service. Most of the reviews we’ve read are neutral, while some are outright negative. In our own review, the company didn’t manage to impress us in any way. The paper they sent us, even though it was on a relatively trivial topic, was just average in terms of quality. There were some typos and some grammar errors. The paper was not in proper academic format. Yes, these issues could be fixed in just around one hour. However, we feel that we should have received a better product, considering the money we paid for it. As such, gets just a C for Quality. We’ve seen worse though…


Services - B

The company really did its best to come up with a good list of services. You can get essays on most subjects, including nursing and computer science. Also, proofreading and editing services are being offered. The problem is that we don’t really trust the editing service, considering the quality of the essay we received from the company. There is no option to get theses from them. There is also no option to just get an outline or a rough draft to get you started. In our review, we consider that a B rating is adequate for the company’s services. Most of the other reviews we’ve seen complained about this as well.

Prices -

PapersOwl doesn’t have high prices, we must admit. In fact, the price per page they quoted us is relatively low. The problem is the quality of the essay. If the essay would have been of high quality, we would have given the company an A here. But as it stands, we consider that the price per page they are asking for is a bit too high. In other words, there are other writing companies that can provide students with better academic papers for the same price. Consequently, we can’t rate higher than B in the Prices section. However, be aware that this is not a low score by any means.


Delivery - C

We’ve seen this in several reviews, but we thought it wouldn’t happen to us as well. Unfortunately, it did; the writer sent us the paper 3 hours after the deadline has passed. This is unacceptable when we are talking about a paper that needs to be submitted on time. What bothered us even more was the fact that the writer didn’t even care to apologize for the delay. No explanation, nothing! should be more mindful of deadlines. And again, this problem has been mentioned in several other reviews we’ve read about this service.

Support - C

Support is another area where PapersOwl is lacking. The company replied in more than 3 hours to most of our inquiries. Also, they missed an email from us it seems. The customer support representatives should work on their English. It’s clear they are not native English speakers. We would have given the company a B here, but there was a problem we couldn’t get over. The company suggests that it has 24/7 customer support. However, we never received an answer to any messages or emails during the night. This is why we believe that the 24/7 support is just for marketing purposes. As such, we have no option but to give the company a C rating in our review.


During our review, the company was not what we had expected. It wasn’t the worse we’ve seen, but it was definitely not one of the best either. We would say that this writing service is neutral. PapersOwl will send you an OK paper for a relatively decent price. However, don’t expect much support from their support department (especially during the night). Also, expect their writers to send you the essay a bit late. All in all, we conclude that this service could be better. They have potential, but they need more experience, better writers and a better management. In our review, we feel that the company deserves a C for Overall Experience. It could definitely be better!

  • Decent price
  • OK quality
  • Honestly, there are better services

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