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Quality - B

We were pretty thrilled when we found a new academic service to review. It looked promising at first. However, we quickly found that a nicely designed website can hide many dangers. Because there were not reviews online, we decided to give it a try. This service basically checks for plagiarism in academic papers and also acts as a proofreader and grammar checker. They also advertise it as a vocabulary builder (interesting marketing gimmick). We gave it a try and the praised proofreader and grammar checker sent us to Grammarly to check the paper. They advertise this as part of their system, which is entirely misleading. They don’t do any grammar checking! As for plagiarism, it failed to detect around 50% of the copied content. This is an extremely poor performance and we can only give a B here.

Services - C

There aren’t many services to speak of. Keep in mind that is not an academic writing service. It is a sort of free plagiarism checker (keep in mind that they send you to Grammarly for grammar and spelling checking). This is all. There is nothing else to speak of. The Vocabulary Builder option is just a database of words and their explanation. You can find better explanations in most online dictionaries. We really don’t know how we could give this service more than a C in our review. They don’t help students much, and the accuracy of the system is mediocre at best. Paperrater may be a new system, but it fails to deliver any real value.

Prices - B

This grammar checker receives a B here simply because it is free. Other than this, there is absolutely nothing special to talk about. There doesn’t seem to be a limit to how many essays you can check. Also, there doesn’t seem to be a maximum number of words or characters you can check at one time. However, our review reflects the fact that this service referred us to Grammarly for the grammar check and that it failed to detect plagiarism in a paper that contained clear plagiarism (over 60% to be more specific). In other words, even free, paperrater is completely useless. You can find many other free tools that actually catch plagiarism. This is probably why there aren’t many reviews online; nobody is using this website.

Delivery - C

There is no delivery to speak of. Also, there are no other reviews that we can refer to. However, the plagiarism check took quite a long time. Way too long, to be honest. It’s a pretty simple thing to do, yet they missed the mark completely. We wouldn’t have been bothered by the delay if the system would have caught the plagiarism. But it failed to do it. What good is a system that advertises itself as a grammar checker and then redirects you to Grammarly? Why would you use a system that promises to detect copied content and then fails to do so? You simply can’t trust it, so it’s better to avoid entirely.

Support - C

As part of our review, we sent an email to the company to ask about their grammar and spelling checking feature. We were very curious to learn why they advertise a feature that does not exist in reality. Of course, nobody bothered to answer us. The guys at paperrater are probably getting this stingy question quite often. In any case, the company gets a C here because it failed to answer our questions. At least they sent us an automated emails assuring us that our inquiry was successfully received. The good news for us is that writing reviews about companies that don’t even bother to answer your question is not difficult at all.


The grammar checker is just a redirect to another service. The plagiarism checker is useless because it doesn’t detect most of the copied content. The vocabulary builder is basically just a dictionary; a poor dictionary, to be honest. You can get much more information about any given work from any other online dictionary. And the lack of reviews clearly indicates that nobody uses this service.

  • Free grammar checker
  • Weeeeiiiird service

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