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  • Price: from 15$ per page
  • Delivery: from 3 hours

Quality - C

I’m a student majoring in Psychology at postgraduate level who, due to too much on my fork, had to resort to a writing company to hand in the ‘correct’ assignment. I opted to use When you read reviews, you see the sign up process is pretty simple – you provide contact details, information about your order and pay. For my review, I’ll say that PaperNow’s website design is user-friendly and they’ve got safe, recognized methods like Visa and Paypal for transacting your money. I also got a discount as a newcomer which is cool. When I got the actual paper however, cool quickly became calamitous. Reviews from some students talk about the poor quality of writers and yes, I could see immediately it wasn’t written by a native English speaking writer or a degreed writer. A review I read spoke about grammar mistakes and spelling errors from so-called professional writers.


Services - C

When using the PaperNow website, I found an organized site in terms of the services offered. The site is modern and simple – great for placing an order. From this you might think that there would be some good reviews. The list of services at PaperNow includes ordering a research paper, application documents, academic projects and dissertation chapters are also available. reviews also talk about good software being used to protect customers’ information safe and confidential. However, in my opinion, the fact that they don’t live up to their promises as regards their writers puts a question mark over their services too. They offer some guarantees for their services. They say things such as professional writers, no plagiarism, free revision, money back guarantee, support night and day and quality performance within the time-frame. I’d give them an ‘C’ for giving students high hopes and not sticking to their empty promises.

Prices - C

I suppose you could say that the prices on are reasonable, but not for the quality of work. The lowest price is $11.87 a page with high school as quality level. There are other quality-levels: college, undergraduate, master, and PhD. For instance, if you’re looking for PhD level and with a deadline of 3 hours, it will set you back $44.95 per page. There is a discount of 15% on the first order if you’re using them for the first time.


Delivery - F

My order was delivered on time, but like I said it required revision. I eventually got the revision done but it wasn’t done efficiently and professionally. It’s as if they were angry that they had to do revision and it was just sent to me via email with no accompanying explanation of the work done. Just wam, bam, thank you ma’am type of fashion. Not good at all, and then like I say, some revision I requested wasn’t fixed at all.

Support - F

As a student, you need to know that at PaperNow there is someone to talk to if there’s a problem with your paper. With my psychology paper, their 24/7 hour support was pathetic, and my review isn’t the only one to say so. They may say that there is always an empathetic ear available to listen at any particular time, but they weren’t there for me. I needed to talk to them about some revision issues, but there was no response. Maybe it’s because it was a Friday night, but they do say 24/7, so you expect them to be there, weekend or not.


With a review, you’ll get mixed opinions about this writing service – some good but mostly seriously disappointing. They offer lots of guarantees but my review will assure you that they don’t live up to them. For instance they say ‘free revisions’ and it’s true, there are but you wait so long you can miss your deadlines. Their writers aren’t as professional as you’d expect from people with years of experience. They’re not a scam, but maybe you need to look past the fake ‘5 star rating reviews. I’ve added my negative feedback that is a true reflection of some of the experience I’ve had with, and it’s a resounding ‘F’.

  • I didn’t like the service at all. Just a waste of time.
  • Quality
  • Support
  • Delivery

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