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Quality - A

I found myself in a bind. My schedule was full, but I had a written assignment due for my history course in college. It’s a good thing that I read some reviews. I was inspired to give this company a try. The quality was nothing less than excellent. All of the facts were precise, and the paper was structured just as the instructions required. The sources of my paper were cited correctly. Most importantly, the originality of the paper is what made the quality superb. This assignment was made from scratch. It was constructed by professionals, and there was no plagiarism whatsoever. I’m glad I read the ratings and my review is just as honest. This company is great.

Services - A

If you read enough review comments, you’ll quickly learn of all the great services this business has to offer. Whether you need a college entrance essay or a term paper for your biggest university assignment, MyPaperWriter has you covered. Their staff of professionals can construct assignments about any subject matter you can imagine. They specialize in academic papers, so no matter what you are studying, their services can meet your needs. This company provided me with a history assignment, but I wouldn’t hesitate to use them even if I needed a paper in my English, Sociology, or Business courses. Read more reviews to learn of all the ways students have been helped.

Prices - B

My review of the pricing is also a good one. The pricing set up is pretty simple. There is a cost per page. Whether you need editing, writing, or proofreading for your assignment, there is a set price for each page. The prices are reasonable for students. I feel that the price is fair because the quality of the papers is extremely high. I’m sure there may be students who cannot afford these rates at the moment, but if they want a quality assignment constructed in a timely manner, they will find a way to scrape together some money and invest in these services. I can honestly say that I got a result that was well worth the price. When you pass a course due to excellent papers, it’s absolutely priceless. I still have a smile on my face and money in my pocket!

Delivery -

There were mixed reviews on the delivery, so I was nervous about the delivery timeframe. However, MyPaperWriter delivered my paper in a timely and professional manner. I couldn’t be more impressed. I had enough time to read over the paper and submit it to my professor even ahead of schedule! This is perhaps the best quality of this company and I hope that my review inspires other students to use these great services just like other reviews have done for me.

Support - B

No review would be complete without mentioning the support level. Staff was available at all hours of the day and night to answer questions and concerns. I never had a problem being responded to. There are numerous ways to contact the staff whether by email or telephone. And every associate was understanding and respectful at all times. The wonderful support team made this process go smoothly for me and I wouldn’t hesitate to order from them again. A list of contact numbers and email addresses are easily accessible on their site.


These guys helped me so many times! It’s due to them I grew up to be a perfect student I am today. Besides, they’ve got a wide collection of samples, be sure to check ’em out. Definitely an A.

  • Speed
  • Quality
  • Friendly folks in customer department
  • Prices. I hate to spend money

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