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Quality - A

I’ve recently came across a new academic writing company called It looked quite promising at first glance, so I decided to give it a try. And to be honest, I am very happy I did. The writer who was assigned to my homework project did a perfect job in every way. The quality of the content I received was excellent. There were no grammar or spelling errors and everything was very well structured. In addition, it was very nice to see that the writer had taken his time to explain every part of the homework. For the first time in my life, I actually understand how the problems were solved. Since there aren’t many reviews online, I’ll write one here because this company really deserves a good review.

Services - B

The services are very well thought of and you basically get almost anything you would need as a student. You can get help with your essay or with your homework in any class, fast and easy. I am going to give MyHomeworkDone a B for Services because there are no thesis or dissertation writing services. However, this is not a major problem because you can surely find other academic writing companies that offer this service. I didn’t see any complaints in the other reviews, so I consider a B to be the right grade here.

Prices - A

When it comes to prices, has no competition. Really, I was so surprised by their low price per page that I asked them to assure me that that was the final price. They assured me that I will not pay a cent more, so I went ahead and placed the order. This is why I am giving this company an A in my review. I’ve tried several similar writing services over the years, and have researched dozens more, but none of them ever offered me such amazing rates. All other reviews that I’ve read also praise the low prices of this company, so it’s not just me who received a very low rate per page.

Delivery - A

This is the part of the review where I am absolutely merciless. Even a 5 minute delay in sending the essay will get a writing service a B or worse. But to this company’s luck, the writer sent me the homework 1 hour early. I am really impressed by! And since the quality of the homework was beyond reproach, no edits were needed. In other words, this company deserves a clean A for Delivery. And it seems that everyone is happy with the punctuality of these writers, according to various other reviews I’ve read so far.

Support - B

The next thing I tried, of course, was the support department of MyHomeworkDone. After all, it’s very important to get quick help with any kind of problem – especially when you are dealing with a very tight deadline. I am very happy to say that the customer support department works 24/7 and is very responsive. I sent them a message and an email late into the night, as part of my review, and they replied swiftly in about an hour. Yes, it could have been faster, I know. Also, it seemed the customer support rep was relatively new to the team. Bottom line, I feel the adequate grade for Support would be a B. Yes, I’m pretty harsh in my reviews; keep that in mind.


This is without a doubt my favorite homework help site. I ordered dozens of papers from them and they never disappoint. Homework sucks and that’s why I like it when other people do it for me. is your choice.

  • Best quality
  • Best support
  • Always on time
  • Yeah, I once had to order a revision. But it’s no biggie comparing to how many papers I ordered

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