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Quality - A

Because many people were talking about, we decided to write a review about this service. Truth be told, this company managed to exceed our expectations. We won’t say that everything was perfect, of course. However, this writing service got really close to perfection. For example, the essay we ordered as part of our review was amazing. Truth be told, it was ready for submission from the moment the writer sent it in. We didn’t need to make any edits whatsoever. The content was entirely written from scratch and very interesting to read. All resources and references were included at the end of the paper. Also, the essay was structured properly and the information was presented in an easy to digest manner. This level of quality clearly deserves a top rating in our review. Consequently, we award the company an A here.

Services - B

We agree with most of the other reviews; this company offers almost all the writing services a student would need. However, the writers are not going to help students with just an outline or just some references and information. This is not a major problem, but it compels us to penalize the company. On the bright side, Myessaywriting offers professional editing and proofreading services. It looks like the company has a team of experienced editors at its disposal, so you can expect to get excellent editing services from them. You can, of course, choose the deadline. The writers are even able to help you with a paper in 24 hours, which is great. We feel that a B grade is fair for the Services part of our review.

Prices - A

The prices really are competitive. This company managed to deliver on its promises. In addition, there are several discounts in place (confirmed by other reviews as well). You usually get a discount as a new client, although you should write to the company and ask about this. Discounts are offered for large orders and for repeat orders. It’s clear that Myessaywriting is all about keeping its clients. This is very good news for students because it shows that the company is willing to put in extra effort into making sure the essays are top notch. There is no better way to retain a client than to send him the best product possible for a fair price. Taking this into consideration, you will have to agree that an A is well deserved by

Delivery - A

Myessaywriting surprised us with a very fast delivery. We were thrilled to see that the writer had sent the essay over 4 hours early. He finished the work faster and was more than happy to send it to us. This gave us more than enough time to inspect the essay. If there would have been any issues, we would have had plenty of time to address them with the writer. Many other reviews mention the fact that the writers work hard to get the job done faster than required. You have to agree that this trait deserves an A

Support - B

Of course, it’s almost impossible for a writing service to be perfect. The customer support is a bit lacking, unfortunately. They replied pretty fast during the day, in around one hour each time. However, as other reviews point out, the customer support department is relatively slow during the night. We suspect they receive a lot of questions and requests and there aren’t many support specialists available during the night. In any case, this is not a very big issue – at least for us. It’s rare for a student to need extensive help during the night. In any case, we feel that the company deserves a B for its support.


The overall experience was very enjoyable and we feel that is a reliable and trustworthy academic writing service. Our review takes into consideration the fact that the services of the company can be improved. Also, the customer support department needs to be a bit more responsive during the night. However, in line with most of the other reviews we’ve read about this service, we conclude that the company deserves an overall experience rating of A. You can rely on them to write an excellent paper fast and cheap!

  • Trustworthy
  • Papers are always on time
  • Minor troubles with contacting support at night

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