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  • Delivery: from 24 hours

Quality - B

We have recently ordered a thesis from and we just received it. To be honest, this is a great piece of writing. It’s on a topic in physics – not an easy topic at all. We carefully analyzed the essay and came to the conclusion that it was written by a seasoned academic writer. Many other reviews mention the fact that the papers this company submits are very interesting and accurate. However, we did find some errors as well. There were a couple formatting problems, as well as two missing references. This was not a big problem and we were able to fix it in just 10 minutes. However, it does compel us to give this company just a B rating for Quality in our review.


Services - B

Of course, our review wouldn’t be complete if we wouldn’t analyze the services offered by this company. The truth is that students must get a complete set of services. It would be a waste of time to work with 3 different companies to essay writing, editing, and proofreading, wouldn’t it? Long story short, MyDissertations offers a pretty comprehensive list of services. You can get theses on almost any topic you can think of. In addition, students can get editing and proofreading services quick and easy. It seems that, unfortunately, the writers can’t help students with rough drafts, outlines, or resources. We didn’t find any mentions of other services in other reviews, so we feel that a B is an accurate score here.

Prices - A really does value its clients and their money. We are very satisfied with the price per page this company quoted us. In addition, we were offered a discount because we were new clients. From what we saw in other reviews, it looks like repeat clients are eligible for further discounts and that you can even get a discount if you place a large order with them. Bottom line, this writing company impressed us with its fair prices, so it clearly deserves an A rating for Prices.


Delivery - B

There was a small issue with the delivery. The writer sent the paper a bit late. Just 2 hours, so it wasn’t a very big deal. should be more mindful of deadlines. However, we understand that things in life can happen quite unexpectedly. The writer courteously apologized and explained the situation. We will not be too harsh with MyDissertations in our review, even though we put great emphasis on deadlines. As such, we feel that the writing service deserves a B rating here. Keep in mind that this is still positive though; it’s not as bad as you think.

Support - A

Support is another area where MyDissertations excels. The customer support department works 24/7, even during holidays. As part of our review, we tested them by sending a couple messages on the website and 2 emails. Half of these inquiries were sent during the night. We are happy to say that we received a reply in less than one hour to each and every one of our inquiries. We also analyzed other reviews and it seems everyone appreciates this company’s support department. In addition to replying quickly, the company also sent us comprehensive answers, written in proper English.


During our review, we were treated with respect and with professionalism. The dissertation was of relatively high quality and it was sent almost on time. The delay didn’t cause any issues. The company quoted us a very low price per page and I was very impressed by its discounts policy. You can get quite a good discount over time from them. MyDissertations also has an exceptional customer support department. The support people are polite and write in perfect English. Also, they were very helpful in their answers. You might not get all the services other writing agencies offer, but you may not even need them. Overall, the experience of doing business with this company was a positive one. Consequently, I am more than happy to give it a B rating for Overall Experience. Of course, I took into consideration other reviews when deciding on this rating. It seems my opinion is on par with that of most people who used this service.

  • Professionalism in everything
  • Great discounts
  • Perfect customer support
  • Paper was a bit late

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