Light Word Reviews

Meet Trevor

Here’s Trevor. He’s a student. And he’s a hamster. He enjoys life so much that he rarely finds time to write essays, complete assignments and lab reports. Instead, he prefers others to do the work for him. Trevor tried hundreds of different writing companies and is now ready to share his own view on each and one of them. Yes, Trevor is just a small hamster in this huge world of academic writing help but he sure knows, which services should be trusted and which should be avoided at all cost.

When Trevor is happy with the company – he will let you know about it. He’s a very demanding fella (and is definitely not an easy-to-impress type), so if he likes the company, it’s got to be top-notch. And you can trust his opinion, because hamsters usually don’t lie.

When Trevor is upset with the services he received – he will not hide his true feelings. He might be a little too harsh with words letting you know all the truth about the company. But hey, hamsters don’t lie.

So, if you don’t feel like reading the whole review (where we step by step describe each feature and look at the company under the microscope), you can just scroll down to Trevor’s words and grasp the general idea in a very quick way. This little buddy will never let you down and will be your number one assistant with choosing a paper writing company.