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Quality - B

We’ve just finished reviewing, so here are our findings. Before we start, we want to make it clear that we have read dozens of other reviews as well. We wanted to make sure we are not a singular example. The good news is that our findings are in line with most of the others. The bad news is that the results of our reviews are not great. The essay we received from the company as part of our review was not that good. It wasn’t horrible either. The information was interesting and it’s clear the writer did his best to do some extensive research. Unfortunately, there were some spelling errors and some typos in the content. The editorial department didn’t do its job (or doesn’t exist). On the bright side, there was no plagiarized content in the paper sent to us by MasterPapers.


Services - B

We’ve noticed in many other reviews that students complain about the company’s offering. When it comes to services, we don’t think is lacking. It offers most of what the typical student would need during the course of a semester. They can write any type of paper on any topic, or so they claim. In addition, proofreading and editing services are being offered – for a price. We are still unsure about thesis writing services, as the customer support specialist we talked to didn’t know what to tell us. In any case, we feel a B is appropriate for the Services section of our review.

Prices - C

Of course, we put great emphasis on prices in all our reviews. To be honest, we felt a bit sad to give this company a C in our review. However, this score is supported by many other reviews all over the Internet. People (including us) feel that the prices are too high for the level of quality their writers are able to offer. In other words, you can get the same quality, or even better, from another academic writing service. Perhaps if the price per page would have been a bit smaller (10% let’s say), we would have given the company an A here. But as it is, a C is more appropriate.


Delivery - B

When it comes to delivery, MasterPapers managed to do a decent job. They sent us the paper 2 hours late. However, the writer apologized for the delay and explained himself. We know life can be very unexpected, so we won’t hold this delay against the writer. However, we can’t give the company the maximum score for Delivery either. We feel a B is the best we can do in our review. For future orders, we advise the company to be more mindful of deadlines. Our advice is to immediately notify the client if there is a delay.

Support - C

In our review, we did not receive the customer support we had been expecting. did not reply to its emails in a timely fashion and did not reply to us during the night. We feel this is a very serious matter, so we can only give the company a C for support. The problem is that students need to get assistance as soon as possible. The requirements for a project may change suddenly, for example. If the writing company does not monitor its email address, this can cause serious problems.


Overall, MasterPapers didn’t impress us with anything. The quality of the essay we received from them was good, but the paper wasn’t special in any way. There were also typos and some spelling errors in the content. The services offered by the company are somewhat diverse, but we wouldn’t use the proofreading and editing service. They didn’t do a good job proofreading their own work, truth be told. The prices are a bit steep for this kind of quality, so you can get a better paper for the same money elsewhere. Several reviews complained about lack of support, with which we agree wholeheartedly. The delivery was just a bit late, but we had to penalize the service for it. Overall, the experience was pleasant, but not exactly what we had expected. Consequently, we give the company a C for Overall Experience in our review. It’s OK, but it could be better.

  • Quality ain’t too bad
  • Services
  • Pricing
  • Support

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