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Quality - C

We don’t know why so many students are writing reviews these days. It looks like people are really giving this company a try. In our experience, this writing service is just mediocre. There is nothing special about it. But we do agree, it isn’t one of the worst either. As part of our review, we ordered a paper in nursing from these people. The quality of their writing is above average. However, there were typos in most parts of the text. The introduction and the conclusion were dry. Nothing interesting about them… The content does not appear to have been plagiarized. Unfortunately, the references were not properly cited throughout the essay. This, unfortunately, makes us give just a C for Quality.


Services - B

The services are pretty diverse. They boast about the fact that their writers can write an essay on almost any topic. Even though they may, I sincerely doubt that you will get the editing and proofreading services they are talking about. The essay we received had plenty of errors in it, meaning that the editing and proofreading department is not doing a good job. JustDoMyHomework didn’t manage to impress us here. Consequently, they get just a B in our review. However, keep in mind that B is by no means a low grade. It just means the company has to work harder to deliver top quality customer service.

Prices - B

We’ve seen several reviews about JustDoMyHomework that emphasize the low prices. However, we don’t feel the prices are low. Yes, you may be able to get a juicy discount if you are a repeat client or if you place a very large order. However, we did not get any kind of discount. And if we think about the quality of the essay we received (which is a C), we consider the prices this company quotes are a bit on the high side. They’re not that bad though. The company definitely doesn’t deserve a C here, so get a fair B. If they would lower the prices a bit, or offer a discount to all new clients, they could get an A in our next review.


Delivery - F

Even though the support was perfect, the delivery was far from perfect. We are forced to award the company just an F – the lowest possible rating – in our review for Delivery. Why? Because the writer sent us the paper 16 hours after the deadline. Also, he accused us of not sending him the requirements sooner. This was rude and uncalled for. We paid for faster delivery, so it’s not our problem the writer was unable to complete the project. He knew the deadline when he accepted to write our essay. If he was uncomfortable with the deadline, he should have passed the paper to a different writer. Unfortunately, it’s the company that gets an F in our review for his actions.

Support - A

There is one thing at which this writing service is really good at. This has been confirmed by most other reviews so far. Customer support is top notch. We are very happy to say that the company responds quickly and that the responses are always very polite and very helpful. The customer support reps are clearly well trained and they are all native English speakers. We even received replies in the middle of the night, so the support department really has people working 24/7. In very few of our reviews a company gets an A for support. JustDoMyHomework is one of these companies, fortunately for them.


Apart from the delivery problem, the overall experience was neutral. It wasn’t positive, but it wasn’t negative either. The paper should have been written a bit more carefully. did a good job when we needed their support department. The prices and services are above average. All in all, we feel that this writing service could be better. This means that we can only give it a C for overall experience. However, I write new reviews all the time, so I will definitely give them another try in the future. It shouldn’t take them long to fix the issues we’ve talked about here. However, I must tell you that if you hire this company at this time, you do so at your own risk.

  • Support was great
  • Delivery sucked!
  • Pretty average service

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