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Quality - C

Today we will be reviewing We’ve heard a lot about them over the last few weeks, so we decided to go ahead and test their services. Of course, we also read many other reviews to see if other students complain about this company. Truth be told, the writing service din an OK job, but it could have been definitely better. The paper we ordered was on a pretty straightforward topic in political sciences. We expected the writer to do an excellent job on it. To our surprise, he did not. There were grammar errors in the essay and we also noticed a general lack of ideas. The writing was dry and not interesting at all. The good thing is that we couldn’t find any kind of plagiarism, so it looks like the writer composed the paper from scratch. However, this does not make up for the lack of quality. In our review, we can’t give the company more than a C.


Services - B

JustBuyEssay has a pretty long list of services students can choose from. The good thing is that the company boasts about its ability to write any type of academic paper (including research papers) on almost any subject you can imagine (including nursing, computer science, political sciences, biology, mathematics and physics). On the downside, we would not trust their proofreading or their editing services. demonstrated that they don’t edit or proofread their own work, so how can they do it with other people’s work? Also, we aren’t sure if the company can write term papers, which is why we feel compelled to give the service a B instead of an A for Services in our review.

Prices - C

The prices that quotes its clients are too high. The steep price would have been warranted if the quality of the essay we received was top notch. However, this was not the case. As such, we consider the price to be too high for this level of quality. In addition, we scoured dozens of reviews to see if the company offers any discounts. It looks like they don’t. We couldn’t get one either. In most cases, writing companies give discounts to new clients and to clients who place large orders. This doesn’t happen with JustBuyEssay, so we have no option but to give the company a C for prices in our review.


Delivery - C

Things were going OK up to this point. JustBuyEssay did most of the things right, or at least partly right. Then they sent us the essay 28 hours late. This is simply unacceptable from a company that is here to help students with their writing assignments. And yes, we did notice this problem in other reviews as well. It looks like these people tend to be late on most of their orders. As you probably know, students need speedy service that is reliable. Being late is not something we can tolerate. As such, this service gets a C in our review.

Support - B

We are very careful when it comes to testing a writing service’s customer support. As we do with all the services we review, we sent the company three emails and three messages. Two of these communications were sent during night hours. The problem is that the company did not respond on time to the emails and messages. They replied in the morning to the emails sent during the night. However, during our review, the customer support department responded to our every enquiry. Also, they were pretty helpful as well. If they would have replied to our emails during the night, they would have received a top score. However, JustBuyEssay gets just a B here.


The overall experience when doing business with was somewhat positive. It’s definitely better than many other similar services. However, even though the quality of the essay was good, the price was too high. In addition, the delivery was not made on time. On the bright side, the customer support department is professional and helpful. Taking everything into consideration, including dozens of other reviews, we conclude that this writing service deserves a C for Overall Experience. Customer service can definitely be better!

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