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  • Price: from 5.85$ per page
  • Delivery: from 3 hours

Quality - A

Considering the fact that there aren’t many reviews out there, we decided to write one ourselves. This way, students can get the chance to see what this academic writing service is worth. As far as quality goes, we really don’t have anything to complain about. During our review, the company iBuyEssay exceeded our every expectation. The content was top notch and it was written perfectly. All the information was accurate and was supported by authoritative references. Everything was, of course, properly cited and quoted. The writer was clearly very experienced and we suspect he has a diploma in physics. In any case, the essay was written without any kind of grammar or spelling errors. It was 100% original and was quite fun to read. Truth be told, deserves an A+ for quality – no question about it!


Services - A

We analyzed all the services offered by iBuyEssay and came to the conclusion that the company has a very diverse offering. You can get academic papers on any subject and topic you can imagine, including political sciences, nursing, medical, and technology. In addition, you can get excellent editing and proofreading services from a team of seasoned editors. After looking and other reviews, we do agree that this company really has some of the most experienced editors we’ve seen. And let’s not forget that the proofreading service can really help you get a top grade instead of a mediocre one. These professionals really know how to format a text in academic style. You can trust them with your paper, guaranteed. The company deserves an A here in our review.

Prices - B

This review wouldn’t be complete without a word on prices. We know how important the price of a paper can be for a student. We are sorry to disappoint you a bit, but this company is not one of the cheaper ones. That isn’t to say that is expensive either. The price per page is just a bit higher than what we had expected. However, if you take into consideration the quality of their work, the price is almost acceptable. As such, we will not penalize the company too harshly. Taking everything into consideration, we consider that a B is adequate for our review. If you have the money, the quality is worth it.


Delivery - A

The good news is that the delivery was exactly as advertised (other reviews agree). We received the paper on time, which is great. Because the content was of such high quality, we did not require any kind of edits. The writer asked us if we wanted him to change anything. This is a very nice way to treat your clients, we must admit. After carefully analyzing other reviews, we came to the conclusion that this is the way they do business. They treat all their clients with respect and patience. This compels us to give the company the highest rating for Delivery – an A.

Support - B

When we review an academic writing service, we pay close attention to the support we receive. We sent several messages and emails to this company over the course of 3 days. IBuyEssay responded very quickly to all the messages, but was a bit slow to respond to emails. The responses were very well written and were very polite. However, the customer support specialists failed to address all our concerns. It looks like they use boilerplate responses in some of their replies. Consequently, we are forced to award the company just a B for Support in our review.


Doing business with this writing service and its staff was a real pleasure. Everyone was very polite and helpful.  The quality of the work was beyond reproach and the delivery was on time. should, unfortunately, work a bit on its prices though, I’m just a little hamster, you know. Also, the customer support department should watch the email inbox more closely and respond to emails faster. Other than these two minor issues, this company was perfect. I definitely recommend you give it a try!

  • Awesome quality
  • Delivery on time
  • Prices are a little high
  • Support team could be more responsive

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