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Quality - C

I checked out many reviews and was interested so I tried them out. I heard GradeMiners is known for writing quality papers so I thought to give them a try for a paper on a hard but common topic. The overall quality was acceptable but I was hoping they would do something a little different with the content since the topic was common. The structure and organization of the work was okay and the writing style was good. I had high expectations but they were met half-way. The paper had acceptable content for readability purposes, but I was lacking interesting information to make it stand out better. Because of my quality experience for my review I give a rating of a C.


Services - C

My review of their services may seem harsh but I did get frustrated with execution of writing process at the beginning. I had a couple papers that need to be written for other courses. One needed revisions and the other needed original content from scratch. Both papers got a decent result in the end, but it seemed like writers should have better insight on what is expected of their services. GradeMiners does feature services you can use, but it helps to have qualified professionals providing them to achieve the best results. Why they offer common services for academic papers I felt like they could pay more attention to meeting customer needs effectively. I gave their services a C rating.

Prices - B

What I noticed when reading reviews of other writing companies was the rate GradeMiners charged for their papers. While the papers were written with good content, I think missed the marked on charging what their service is worth. I think this is partly due to lack of quality content for the topic. The service prices were reasonable for certain services, will others looked inflated. I did get the paper I needed and I got an A- on the assignment. If you want cheap papers you can find them here. I found the prices were cheap, but some lacked quality to match the asking price. I gave the company a B rating for prices.


Delivery - C

Other reviews gave high grades for delivery and I thought I wouldn’t have any issues. The paper was completed but it was a day after the deadline had passed. I was able to turn in my paper on time but I got it just hours before it was due. I don’t like to wait until the last minute to get my work done and I started working on the paper with the company about three days before it was due. I thought that was more than enough time to get a quality paper written with a quick turnaround. Based on my experience, for this review I give a letter grade of a C.

Support - B

Many reviews were praising their customer service support and I thought that was a good thing. does make it easy for you to contact their support when you need it. I got answers to questions and additional insight on how to get help for other writing assignments in the future. Most of the time, I was able to get a response within an hour or two when asking questions. I was left hanging for a day on one question before I got a response, so they lost brownie points for that. Other than that, since there was good effort on their part to help with my paper, for my review I gave them a B.


Overall, my review of their service is borderline between good and bad. I think has potential to be an A+ writing service. There is plenty of room for improvement but I appreciate their efforts on my paper. I wish things went smoother but I guess that is what happens when you set your expectations too high. Other reviews got me excited about using a paper writing service, but now I’ll be more cautious when considering such services in the future. Since my overall experience was okay I gave the company a C rating for their efforts.

  • Reasonable price
  • Decent support
  • I expected better quality
  • Nothing special, just a regular writing service

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