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Quality - F

After reading other reviews I was excited to try out their services. I definitely think FastEssay deserved a low grade because it doesn’t seem like enough time was spent creating quality content for the topic. I got the assignment a few days ago and though if I hired help for the topic it would get the information it needs. The topic required more research than I was able to complete due to time constraints. I expected the company to take their time providing solid data, organizing it to make it easy to read, and give the paper overall an easy to read and follow format. I wasn’t pleased since I had to keep asking for revisions. For my review, because I wasn’t happy with the writing results, I had to give an F rating for quality.


Services - C

My review of their service options is okay but I had better expectations due to previous reviews from other customers. The company has writing services you would expect to find such as proofreading and editing. I wasn’t happy to learn they wouldn’t help with my outline for the topic. Instead, if I had an outline they would use it to write the paper. While this was helpful to learn beforehand, I thought they should be able to assist with any element of the paper writing process. features a list of useful services any academic student looks for when getting a paper online. For my experience with their services I gave a grade of a C.

Prices - C

FastEssay service rates seemed decent before I hired them, but since I had to go through so much trouble to get the paper I wanted I don’t think it was worth the effort. Anyone considering hiring a company for a paper will check reviews from customers to get an idea of what to expect. I did check and unfortunately, my expectations were too high. I thought I could say what many others said about their prices, but if I got the paper I wanted I think the price would be okay. While they did work to fix the paper to satisfy my needs, I think I would have been better off paying what I paid here elsewhere to get what I needed without so much hassle. The rates didn’t match the paper I got, so I had to rate them a C.


Delivery - F

Other reviews gave the company good grades, but I didn’t get what I wanted when I wanted it and it needed revisions several times. I am lucky I had a day left before my paper was due or my grade would have suffered. They paper was done by the deadline, but I requested changes that should have been done originally when I ordered the paper. I know sometimes a revision or two is necessary but this took too long to complete. Unfortunately, for my review I have to give them an F because of my experience.

Support - C

The support provided by FastEssay was okay. They were willing to work with me and fix my paper after multiple revisions. It did take a while to get a response and they mentioned they see higher volumes of customer service requests during certain times of the day. support did respond to questions I had quickly at times, but I expected more information and didn’t get clear answers with every question I had. My review grade for their efforts with providing customer support is a C.


My overall experience with wasn’t good, but there is room for a lot of improvement with its staff. I was swayed by other reviews to give the company a try, but I can’t recommend them to others after my experience. The write I had seemed to have decent writing skills, but they lacked experience on the topic and it showed in the final product. I had to make a few additional changes before I turned it in for a grade. Any positive review for this company should be scrutinized carefully before you consider hiring them. For what I went through I had to give this company an F.

  • They are really hard to find. I didn’t.
  • Awful quality
  • Bad support

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