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  • Price: from $17.56 per page
  • Delivery: from 3 hours
Quality - A

After trying to find other reviews and finding very few, I decided to write one myself. After ordering a pretty difficult essay on a complex topic in political sciences, I must admit that this service is one of the best I’ve tried so far. I am happy to give the company an A in my review. The paper was written perfectly, to be honest. There were absolutely no grammar or spelling errors. The structure was excellent and the information presented was more than enough to cover every aspect of the topic. Of course, it goes without saying that the content did not contain any plagiarism. It is a very nice essay, really!

Services - A impressed me with a wide range or writing and editing services. You can order and entire essay on any subject and topic (physics, math, political sciences, information technology, nursing, Matlab, etc.). They really know what they’re doing! Also, you can get editing or proofreading services from a team of highly experienced editors. Ewritingservice can help students with any kind of writing job. To be honest, very few companies are able to offer such a wide array of services. In addition, keep in mind that few writing services can write term papers and provide this level of quality. Bottom line, this service fully deserves an A rating in my review.

Prices - A

Most of the other reviews I’ve read praised the low prices of the company. However, don’t think that this academic writing service is cheap. The price is fair, give the quality of the essay they sent me. In other words, you definitely get what you pay for. If you want a top notch academic paper on a complex topic, this is the company you want to contact. And remember, professional, experienced academic writers don’t work for $5 per page. I am awarding a top score (A) to this company in my review because the price reflects the quality of the product 100 percent.

Delivery - A

Again, the company managed to exceed my every expectation (several other reviews mention this as well). The writer worked hard and, even though the topic was quite complex, he managed to send me the essay 2 hours before the deadline. I was notified via email that my paper was ready. I just logged in to my account and downloaded the essay. was simply amazing, to be honest. The writer even added annotations to various parts of the essay. Also, everything was properly referenced and cited. In other words, the essay was delivered in full ahead of the deadline. No revisions were necessary, which is excellent.

Support - B

Everything was going great up to this point. The quality of the essay sent by was amazing. The services and the prices are excellent. Everything looked too good to be true. And this is when the company disappointed me. I sent Ewritingservice an email and a message to ask about the length of the paper and about some of the references used by the author. I didn’t receive a reply until 4 hours later. This is unacceptable, really, and my review reflects it. If a student asks something important, he or she should receive a reply in less than 1 hour. 4 hours is too late in many cases, so the company gets just a B here. Also, it seems some other people have experienced the same problem from what I see in other reviews.


Ewritingservice is reliable and trustworthy. In my own personal experience, the company managed to write an excellent essay on a very difficult topic and for a very fair price.

  • Plenty of editing and writing services
  • Delivery was super fast
  • Quality is superb
  • They need more customer support reps

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