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Quality - C

I’ve recently tried EssayShark for one of my papers and it was an absolutely dreadful experience. I’ve been misled by many of the reviews I’ve found on the Internet. Everyone was so happy with the “excellent” academic writing services these people are delivering. Everyone was praising their amazing customer service and customer support. However, in my opinion, this is the worst company I’ve ever worked with. I start my review by saying that the essay I received from these people is of extremely poor quality. They didn’t even bother to proofread and to edit their work. Also, it’s worth noting that the paper is not written in proper academic format. The citations and references are wrong. Some quotes are missing a reference. Also, there is no structure and no logic. The paragraphs are not linked in any way. disappointed me greatly. The only reason I’m not giving it a C is because the writer didn’t copy the text and invested some time into writing everything from scratch.


Services - C

Many reviews have been praising their many services. Well, what does EssayShark do? It writes papers, and the quality is not good at all. It writes term papers, which I wouldn’t try from them under any circumstances. And they proofread and edit for money. In my review, the writer couldn’t edit his own work. There was no editor to at least take a quick look at the essay. So their proofreading and editing services are nonexistent. Don’t even think about paying for something like this. When it comes to Services, I feel doesn’t deserve more than a C.

Prices - F

The prices are horrible; very steep! The price per page is even worse when you think about the low quality work they send to their clients. In my review, I rate this company F, the lowest possible score. They have a very high price per page to make it seem like they are delivering top quality essays. This, coupled with the fact that they pay people to write reviews about them, will make students think that their services are premium and reliable. Don’t believe those stellar reviews because the prices are high and the quality is low. Don’t make the same mistake I made.


Delivery - F

Of course, you didn’t expect this service to deliver the work on time, did you? No. The writer sent me the essay almost two day after the deadlines. There was no communication and no response to my inquiries. I just received an automated email letting me know that my essay was ready and that I could download it from the website. That was all. Not even an apology for the delay. The writers are nor professional and the company does nothing to keep track of how its staff treats their clients. EssayShark deserves an F here, guaranteed.

Support - F

Of course, I’ve had my fair share of customer support interaction with them while writing this review. The company did absolutely nothing to protect my interests. I sent them the essay I received from their writer, unedited, and they said that they see nothing wrong with it. In their opinion, this paper is suitable for submission to a professor. If you want to get an F, maybe! Also, customer support decided to simply ignore my request for a refund. did not issue me a refund to this day. They didn’t even reply to my emails and messages regarding this matter. As such, I see no other option than to give the company the lowest possible rating here: an F.


Overall, EssayShark managed to disappoint me entirely. I’ve never encountered a company like this in my life. The reviews about them are all false, as you can see from my own review. They have very high prices for subpar work. The writer didn’t even bother to send me the essay on time and didn’t took 2 minutes of his time to write an apology for the delay. The company simply told me that the paper was OK and that I was not entitled to any kind of refund. How ironic! This writing service gets an F for Overall Experience. Warning: do not trust other reviews!

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