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  • Price: from 11$ per page
  • Delivery: from 6 hours

Quality - B

Since many recommended for paper writing help with essays, I was curious to use their services while wondering about the quality they provide. I was quite pleased with the paper when it was completed. The topic was a challenge to write about for me so I was worried they won’t get the information it needs. They proved me wrong. The paper got the data it needed and it was structured well from start to finish. The paper wasn’t perfect, but it was very close. I only made one change that was quick and easy. The quality definitely showed an expert writer knew what they were doing for the topic. The level of quality was what I expected which is why I gave a B in my review.


Services - B

I wondered if their services would be any help for my paper but I found them valuable for topic. After reading other reviews about services provided and how others were pleased with their experience, I thought why not try them out with my next essay assignment. The company has great editors and proofreaders able to complete the task quickly. I read from other reviews the company provides many services for writing and I found this to be true. I did want help with outlining for my topic but they didn’t provide the support I wanted. It wasn’t a big deal but it would have been useful if they did. For my review I give services rating a B.

Prices - A

I heard you have to pay a high fee to get help from a professional writer, but looking at their fees I thought I could afford these services without a problem! I thought prices for papers at were affordable and reasonable. For the paper I got I thought the price was a good deal. Other reviews for different companies providing academic writing help had customers mentioning how the company wanted much more for their services, so I was pleased to get what I needed without paying a fortune. The prices are cheap, but the quality of the content was top-notch. Since they provided a great paper with original details I gave them an A.


Delivery - B

Something I thought that stood out from other reviews I’ve read was the delivery results. While reading other review comments about delivery I was worried I wouldn’t get the help I needed on time. I needed help with my paper fast because the deadline was the next day. They had the best writer help with my paper because they got it written and well-researched with a few hours! I was so relieved I had a paper to turn in and the content was perfect for the topic. Because I got the help I needed quickly for my paper, in my review they get a B.

Support - B provided good support throughout their services. My schedule is busy during the day so I check in during the evening. It took a couple hours or so before I got a response, but they were helpful when I had questions or asked about progress. As I read review feedback from other customers I noticed most people seemed pleased with the level of support received for their papers. I think I can say the same for the most part. EssayPro was professional with the support provided. For my experience I think they deserved a B for their customer support.


My overall experience with EssayPro was positive and I would recommend anyone to try their services. They may have some small areas to improve upon considering services and support, but anyone that needs help writing a paper from scratch will find their writers are helpful with good writing skills. I think anyone looking for writing help for any topic will benefit from this company. I liked working with the company and they have writers that are ready to help. I read several reviews on this company before choosing them for a paper. EssayPro was easy to use and their team was courteous and helpful. After assessing each part of my experience my overall grade for the company is a B.

  • Price is very good
  • Quality was OK
  • They missed a couple of calls and made a few mistakes in price calculations

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