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Quality - C

I’ll be as honest as possible in my review because quality is very important. I needed to order a good paper for my English course, and I decided to try this service after seeing many online reviews. I cannot say that it was stellar. The paper was just good enough to get by. I found 2 grammatical errors and the paper was not exactly formatted in the manner that I asked. Even though the issues were corrected, I would’ve appreciated them getting things right on the first try. My paper got a passing grade, but the grade could’ve been much higher. I probably would be hesitant to use this service again. Perhaps there are better companies to review. The paper was new and not plagiarized which is a good trait to have. However, the writers need to work on their formatting and direction following skills.

Services - B

Moving on in my review, I’ll talk about the services. This company basically offers a variety of writing services for students in need of assignments. Everything from papers to essays and other forms of coursework are available for purchase. It’s not a bad set-up, but I know of other companies that offer much more when it comes to services. However, I can’t complain because they provided the type of assignment that I was looking for at the time. Other reviews will tell you the same thing. For those in a rush to get work done, I would say that their needs could probably be met within this company.

Prices - C

Edubirdie could stand to have much lower prices. Prices are based on assignment type and length. But for the quality I received, I feel that I paid too much. The website lists the pricing as $18 per page. This is quite higher than other companies. The pricing is not ideal for many students who are not yet into their stable careers. The reviews that I read reflected this, but I still placed an order. Now I know for sure that I can get more for my money elsewhere. And I can’t wait to review other writing services.

Delivery - C

Many reviews speak of delivery since it is an important aspect in students meeting their deadlines. My English paper was delivered at the last possible minute. I met the deadline, but it would have been nice to receive it earlier since I had given them an extended amount of time. And since the quality of the paper wasn’t perfect, I was at least expecting delivery would be a bit faster. But this wasn’t the case at all. So here in my review I will be honest and say that his delivery was not the best and even the download took longer than usual. Nevertheless, I was able to retrieve the assignment in the end.

Support - C

My review of the support team at Edubirdie is neutral. Staff took their time in responding to my questions. They didn’t always answer the phone and took a while to respond to emails. However, the support team was always very pleasant and polite even when they weren’t accurate in their responses. When you’re in a rush to have questions answered about your due date, it’s tough when you don’t get a timely response. The support was just ok but could have been a lot faster. There were also a few times where the support staff seemed confused in my paper guidelines. But we were able to work things out in the end.


Overall, my experience was so-so. It could have been much more improved. Hopefully this business takes constructive criticism and uses it to improve their services. Many students like myself can benefit from professional writers willing to help us. This company can be a cash cow and draw in many clients. The reviews are varied, but I’m glad I got to experience things for myself. It could be much better for a price they ask from a poor hamster.

  • Paper was alright, nothing special
  • I got it on time
  • Price
  • Quality can be still be improved

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