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Quality - A

Today it’s my pleasure to review This academic writing website caught my attention a while back, but I didn’t get a chance to review it until now. Of course, I’ve looked for other reviews and managed to find a couple of them. They are in line with my own it seems. As far as quality goes, I am happy to say that this company deserves and A+! The thesis I received from them was excellent in every way. I really don’t have anything to complain about. The content was interesting and very well written. There was no sign of plagiarism either. Consequently, I am awarding this company an A in my review.


Services - B

The services, unfortunately, are a bit limited. However, it’s clear that this company focuses on dissertation and thesis writing. So, as part of my review, I will give the company just a B here. I would have rated it lower, but they clearly state on their website that they only do dissertations. Students who need other types of academic papers can use other writing services (many of them have been reviewed by us as well). Bottom line, Dissertationteam is a great place to get a dissertation from, but they won’t be able to help you with essays or research papers.

Prices - B

I’ve been unable to give an A to a company is almost all of my reviews. Unfortunately, doesn’t get an A either. The price is good, but not good enough. I do agree that the quality of the thesis I received from them is one of the best I’ve seen. However, I still feel that the price per page is a bit too high. In any case, don’t be disappointed. You will have a very hard time finding another dissertation writing service that offers this level of quality. This review must be 100% objective, so I can’t give more than a B here.


Delivery - A

I didn’t expect their writer to be late, and he wasn’t. The thesis was, in fact, delivered 6 hours early. This gave me more than enough time to carefully analyze the content. If I would have needed a revision, the writer would have handled it before the initial deadline. I’ve also looked at other reviews, and nobody complained that the company was late. Truth be told, the delivery section is very important. In fact, I consider it one of the most important parts of my review. Why? Because no matter how good the content may be and no matter how responsive the company may be, it’s all useless if the paper is not delivered on time.

Support - A

When ti comes to support, you’ll be surprised by how responsive the company is. As part of my reviews, I send two or three emails and/or messages to the writing service (at least one of them during the night). This company has 24/7 customer support – and it’s real! I’ve received a response to each and every one of my messages and emails in less than 45 minutes. Dissertationteam delivers on its promises, so you can expect to get assistance at any hour of day or night. And the responses I received were clearly written by native English speakers. They were very courteous and helpful. I am impressed, really! This is precisely why I am happy to give the company an A here.


My overall experience with Dissertationteam was a very positive one. They impressed me and restored my faith in dissertation writing services (I’ve had many problems with other companies in the past). It seems that some companies really value their clients. I am happy to say that all the other reviews I’ve read about this company support my own opinion. Nobody had anything to complain about quality, delivery and customer support. Yes, this writing service only works on dissertations and theses, but this is clearly stated on their website. The price may be a tad higher than I would have liked, but it’s not bad at all. Truth be told, I would buy a dissertation from them because I have the certainty that they would deliver an excellent piece of academic content. As such, it is my opinion that deserves an A for Overall Experience.

  • Awesome dissertation writing services
  • Fast delivery
  • Great customer support
  • They help only with dissertations and theses

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