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Quality - A

I couldn’t find many reviews online, so I decided to write one myself. After all, I just received an essay from this company. It’s my pleasure to share my experience with all of you. DissertationExpert clearly has a team of very experienced writers and editors. The academic paper I ordered was by no means simple. Yet these gentlemen managed to send back an exceptional essay. I really couldn’t have written it better. Also, it was very nice to see that the writer had followed my instructions to the letter. The content was original and very informative and interesting. In addition, the citations and references were properly inserted. It was an absolute pleasure reading this essay, truth be told. The writer really worked hard to do the best possible job. The paper was, of course, written in academic format. No errors whatsoever! This academic paper deserves an A in my review.

Services - A

This is one of the few companies that offers all the services you would ever need as a student. You can get help with just parts of your essay. You can get some interesting information and data from their writers. You can even get an outline or a rough draft to get you started. During my review, I ordered a whole paper, but you can get help with just specific parts of an existing essay. editors are ready to help you with some quick editing work to make sure your paper is ready for submission. And if you really want a top grade on your essay, use their proofreading service. These editors are some of the best I’ve seen, so you can trust them to do a good job. Other reviews support this idea, so I am happy to give the company an A for its services.

Prices - B

When it comes to prices, very few companies are as good as this one. To be honest, DissertationExpert really did its best to come up with an acceptable price per page. However, there are a few other services which are more affordable. Even though the quality of the academic paper was top notch, I don’t feel an A would be an objective grade. With regret, I have to give a B for Prices in my review. Truth be told, students are usually struggling with money. This means that even a couple dollars can make a difference. If the prices were a bit lower, say 10%, the company would have received a top score from me. But as it stands, a B is the fair score.

Delivery - B

One of the reviews I’ve seen mentioned something about a delay. I suspect the student was telling the truth. I received the essay an hour and a half late. While I do agree that this is by no means a bid delay, it still is enough to warrant a penalty. DissertationExpert gets just a B for Delivery because of this mishap. The writer apologized and explained the situation. I know unforeseen events can take place and I know that nobody can foresee every situation. However, I need to be objective. I penalize all companies that deliver late in my reviews, period.

Support - A

As far as customer support goes, is excellent in every way. Their customer support specialists are very responsive and they are all native English speakers. The support department replied to every message and every email quickly during my review. The responses were to the point, professional and courteous. And yes, the company even replied during the night in less than one hour. I really am impressed by their customer support department, so I am happy to give the company an A here. Keep in mind that I also analyzed several other reviews, and all of them praised the responsiveness of the support department.


To be completely honest, it was an absolute pleasure to review this academic writing service. The quality of the essay was excellent and the services the company offers are great. The customer support department was exactly as advertised. Even though the price was a bit high and there was a slight delay with my paper, I still feel that deserves an A. I recommend this company fellas, and you better trust me

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