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Quality - F

Wow, what a horrible experience! I know, it sounds very bad. But truth be told, managed to disappoint me entirely. After reading several reviews on the Internet about them, I decided to give these people a try. I would never do business with them again, nor would I recommend them to anyone. This is precisely why I am putting together this review. I just hope that what happened to me doesn’t happen to anyone else. The essay I asked them to write was a complete disaster. It wasn’t even recoverable. Not only did it contain a lot of grammar and spelling errors, it also contained parts that were clearly copied from other sources. I asked for a rewrite and they told me “No.” In their opinion, the piece is very well written. Trust me, it is not. This paper cannot be submitted to a teacher with the hopes of getting more than an F on it. And an F is what CustomWritings deserves for their essay.


Services - C

When it comes to services, CustomWritings has some to offer. They can write papers on any subject and any topic. They can also write term papers it seems. The editing and proofreading services are unreliable. Why? Because they sent me an essay that was not even proofread, not to mention edited. Other than these services, you can’t expect anything else from them. And be careful! Their writers will try to pass someone else’s work as their own. This approach is very dangerous if you don’t notice it. If your professor runs your essay through a plagiarism checker, it will get flagged. In other words, you will be accused of plagiarism and the consequences will be severe. Consider yourself warned about

Prices - F

The prices are horrible. It’s not only the fact that the price per page is very high. If I think about the essay they sent me, the prices get even worse. I was unable to use the paper, so I basically lost all my money. Even if they made me a 50% discount, I wouldn’t have purchased a paper from them. These people are only after profits. They don’t care the least about their clients or about the grades that students may get on their work. Once they get paid, the will just make up excuses for not sending the paper on time. Then they will tell you that the paper is perfect and that you’re exaggerating. Of course, don’t even think about demanding a refund. You won’t get it!


Delivery - C

Several other reviews complained about missed delivery dates. And the complaints are 100% accurate. Trust me, all the other reviews that praise on-time delivery are fakes. This company does not deliver on time. I received my paper after 3 days of emails and messages. The writer didn’t bother to apologize, so it seems this is the norm around there. Missed deadlines are not something I can tolerate. Because the paper was eventually sent to me, I will give CustomWritings a C in my review.

Support - B

Very few reviews complained about some support problems. Truth be told, the customer support representative I talked to really did try to help me. However, he couldn’t do anything because the higher-ups probably told him to delay me or to refuse my request for a refund. In any case, the customer support staff at is responsive and quite professional. They replied quickly to my inquiries, even though they were unable to help me. Also, I received an answer during the night, which shows that they really do work around the clock. I will give them a B in my review.


During my review, I’ve had a very unpleasant experience with this company. I suspect many of the other reviews on the Internet are fakes, written by their staff to boost their sales. CustomWritings sent me an essay that was unusable and then refused to give me a refund. The price was too high for this kind of work. Also, the paper was sent to me 3 days late. The only good thing I can mention is the customer support department. But it won’t save this company from a C in my review for Overall Experience.

  • The only good about this company is support
  • Quality was poor
  • Too expensive

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