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Quality - B

Today we are happy to write a review for you and help you decide if this academic writing service deserves your money. Truth be told, the essay we received this this company was pretty good. It was definitely above average. Yes, there were some minor grammar and spelling errors which prompted us to give the company just a B rating. However, there was no plagiarism and the structure of the essay was pretty decent. The writer clearly did his best to come up with interesting information and data, which is something we definitely appreciate in our reviews. Overall, we are happy with the quality of the math paper we received from this writing service.

Services - C

There aren’t many services to speak of, unfortunately. Coolessay offers essay writing services, along with some other types of academic writing services. There is no option to have a writer help you with homework assignments. Also, you can’t get a writer to help you complete an essay that is already written in most part. This makes us give this service just a C rating. And looking at other reviews, it is clear that the offering of this company is quite limited. Many students complained that they wanted some other services that were not offered by the company. But, as far as essay writing is concerned, covers all the bases.

Prices - B

While the pricing structure is definitely attractive, we feel that the quality of the essay should have been better. This is why we are forced to give the company a B in our review. If the price was a little bit lower, the writing service would have received maximum points here. But as it stands, there are other writing services that offer better quality for the same price. And we have no option but to take this into consideration. After all, our reviews are written to help students get the most bang for their buck.

Delivery - A

Even though we were disappointed by the support department, we found hope in the way the Coolessay writer delivered the essay. He delivered our essay a bit early, which is a great way to please clients. There were no major problems with the content, so a rewrite was not warranted. In other words, we are happy to give the writer the maximum rating (A) for the fast delivery in our review. In addition, the service sent us an email letting us know that our paper was ready. All we had to do was to log in to their website and download the document. This is what we call excellent delivery!

Support - C

Support is the only part of our review where this company really disappointed us. We sent them an email with some questions to test the customer support department. To our surprise, there was no reply. We then send a message on their website. After 3 hours, a customer support rep cared to respond. On top of the delay, the answer we received was boilerplate (it wasn’t particularly helpful, to be frank). Unfortunately for, we take support very seriously. If a student has a problem or needs a quick answer, he will not be able to reach anyone from the company. This is unacceptable, so this writing service gets just a C in our review.


If they work on their weak points, Coolessay has the potential to become a reliable, professional writing agency. At the time of writing, this service is just okay, with nothing special about it. Perhaps we will write new reviews in the near future; who knows?

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