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The 25 Colleges in Texas You Want to Apply To

Are you looking for the best colleges in Texas? You are probably aware of the importance of college and already know why it’s important to pick the right college for you. However, you may not know the difference between the various college types. Also, you probably don’t know that a community college can be a very good option for you. And did you know that there are plenty of online colleges in Texas that you can apply to? Truth be told, there are dozens of colleges and universities all around Texas. To help you choose the best ones to apply to, we’ve put together a list of the best 25. But first, let’s explain the difference between various types of schools. We’ll get to the list of the best universities in just a bit.

The Difference Between Universities and Colleges in Texas?

Many students are frantically searching for the best colleges in Texas, but they’re unaware that what they should be searching for is a university. In the United States, the words “college” and “university” are used interchangeably. And truth be told, there are few differences between the two. Colleges are institutions that award undergraduate degrees. In most cases, these degrees are bachelor’s degrees and associate degrees. A university, on the other hand, offers both undergraduate and graduate degrees. So, basically, a university is a large institution which contains several colleges. You can, of course, apply to any of these colleges in Texas.

What Is a Community College?

The next thing many students are unsure of is the community college. There are plenty of community colleges in Texas, but many people don’t know what they are exactly. Let’s explain. Community colleges (sometimes called junior colleges) are institutions that award two-year degrees. They provide lower-level tertiary education and you get a diploma, certificate or associate degree when you graduate. In most cases, students enroll in a four-year college or university after they graduate a community college, in order to obtain a bachelor’s degree. Why? Because they will have to complete just two or three years, not the full term of 4 years. In other words, a community college followed by a four-year college is an alternative way of getting your bachelor’s degree.

Why You Should Be Interested in the Best Colleges in Texas

But why would you be interested in the best colleges in Texas? After all, there are over a dozen colleges in Austin Texas alone. You have plenty of choices. However, please note that not all colleges are created equal. There are several things you should consider. Some colleges are more difficult to graduate, but the degree you get is far more valuable. An example would be the architectural engineering degree from the University of Texas at Austin. The college you graduate will matter a lot when you go to your first job interview. You have no previous work experience, so the human resources person will look at your degree. Yes, it matters. A lot! Graduates from top colleges in Texas who wrote dozens of research papers are much more likely to land a good job than their peers from lower-tier colleges and universities.

The Top 25 Colleges in Texas

There are plenty of ideas when it comes to colleges and universities in the state of Texas. Your parents may try to convince you that some are better than others. Some of our teachers may try to “help” you take the wrong decision. Ultimately, it’s your decision and you must think about what you want to do for the rest of your life. Once you know what you want to become, choosing a college is easy. Take a look at our college rankings to learn which colleges are considered top-tier.


1. The University of Texas at Austin – The number one Texas university on any list, of course. 80% of students are undergraduates.
2. Rice University – established in 1891, this is a very selective institution. Expect up to 20 applicants for each available place.
3. Texas A & M University-College Station – more than 130 undergraduate degrees, 19 different colleges, and more than 68,000 students every year.
4. The University of Texas at Dallas – more than 140 degree programs available, and the college has received plenty of excellence in education awards.
5. University of Houston – more than 40,000 students every year, over 2,300 faculty members, and more than 120 undergraduate degrees.
6. Texas Christian University
7. LeTourneau University
8. Trinity University
9. Southern Methodist University
10. Baylor University

Community Colleges

1. Wharton County Junior College – One of the schools on Forbes best colleges list, with more than 6,000 learners.
2. Northwest Vista College – named the best community college in Texas in 2017, offers more than 33 associate degrees.
3. Palo Alto College – one of the few community colleges where you can get associate of applied science degrees.
4. Richland College – has students from more than 130 countries (80 languages) and offers more than 60 associate degrees.
5. Collin County Community College District – one of the largest community colleges in Texas, the only one to have received 8 Carnegie Professors of the Year awards.
6. College of the Mainland
7. North Lake College
8. Texas State Technical College-Harlingen
9. El Paso Community College
10. Lee College

Online Colleges

1. Texas Tech University – more than 35,000 students and plenty of online degrees and certifications.
2. Dallas Baptist University – a liberal arts university with more than 5,400 students.
3. Lamar University – Over 15,000 students and plenty of online degrees (look up their LU Online platform)
4. LeTourneau University – a Christian university with over 3,000 students and several programs that are 100% online.
5. West Texas A&M University – online bachelor’s degrees include health sciences, business administration, and even criminal justice.

Final Considerations

There are plenty of Christian colleges in Texas and accredited online colleges in Texas. And as we’ve said earlier, the quality of the college your graduate is very important. However, you shouldn’t get discouraged if you don’t get admitted to the college of your dreams. You can get a very good job even without attending one of the best colleges in Texas. How? By working hard. Truth be told, you can get the job you are dreaming of simply by demonstrating that you are better than your peers. Work hard and graduate with the best possible grade. Practice what you learn and also study in your spare time. If you are the best at what you do, any company will hire you, even the best essay writing services . There are many people who have attended public colleges in Texas and have managed to reach CEO level.

This is perhaps one of the best tips you can get. Even though the name of the college is important, it is far more important to be the best. You can be the best in a public college or a mediocre student in a top Texas college. Who do your think a company would hire? You know the answer, so all you have to do is learn as hard as you can. Don’t miss any opportunities to better yourself and you’ll certainly land the job of your dreams without any problems. Good luck!

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