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Quality - F

To be honest, it was a horrendous experience working with I really don’t know how this company is still in business. In any case, I’ve decided to write a comprehensive review to make sure none of the students reading this website gets burned by this writing service. The paper I ordered came back a total mess. I mean this essay is the worst I’ve seen. It’s like it was written by a 10-year-old. The writing was dry and chock full of typos, as well as grammar and spelling errors. I didn’t expect it to be this bad. And don’t even think ChiefEssays managed to send me an essay written in proper academic format. To make matters even worse, I noticed sections that were clearly plagiarized. The company and its writer don’t deserve more than an F in my review.


Services - C

The services are pretty basic. They can write essays. Even though they advertise some editing and proofreading services, I wouldn’t even look at them. If you think about it, what kind of editing or proofreading can you expect from a company that sends you an essay this bad? And believe me, all other reviews mention the complete lack of quality of their writing. Taking this into consideration, their only real service is essay writing. A service at which they are lacking… So I have no other option than to give ChiefEssays a C in my review. This is what they deserve, and nothing less.

Prices - F

At first, I was relatively happy with the price they quoted for the academic paper. But after they sent me the essay, my opinion changed radically. does not deserve any score higher than an F. Why? Because you basically throw your money away when working with this writing service. Keep in mind that the paper they sent me cannot be used. It even contained plagiarized content. Of course, I didn’t receive any discounts from the company. They will always quote you the same price, even though you may be a repeat client. In my review, I take into account several things, but price is very important. It is perhaps one of the most important aspects I look at. And this writing service is one of the worst I’ve had the misfortune to do business with.


Delivery - F

You’ve probably already figured out that ChiefEssays sent the essay late. How late? Well, this is the fun part. They sent the paper after two days. Yes, two whole days! The writer tried to apologize and tell me that he had experienced some technical difficulties. But they have my email. Even if the system was down, any one of the staff could have sent me the essay via email. This was just an excuse to cover the fact that they don’t care about their clients one bit (claim supported by most other reviews).

Support - C

Several reviews mentioned the fact that their customer support department is not working 24/7 and that they are lying. Well, this is true it seems. I sent them a message and an email at 4 in the morning. There was no reply until 10 AM. So yes, they are misleading students with claims that their support department is available during the night. All you get is an automated response – which is not helpful at all. Also, other reviews mentioned the fact that the support people are not too polite. This was not true in my case, as the rep was courteous and really did his best to help me. However, what I would note is that the rep was not a native English speaker. He did his best, but couldn’t hide this fact.


I am sorry, but this company gets an F for Overall Experience in my review. There is simply nothing I can say positive about their service, their essays, or their staff. was unable to create a usable academic paper and sent me the poorly written and plagiarized document 2 days late. Customer support is not reliable and there aren’t many services you can count on. Many other reviews have confirmed my suspicions that this company is simply unable to do a decent job. They don’t even care about their customers!

  • Didn’t find any!
  • Paper was plagiarized
  • Poor quality
  • Customer support isn’t reliable

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