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Quality - B

My review of the quality is quite simple. I needed a term paper for my Economics class. This paper would be important for my overall grade. The paper was the right length and followed the right guidelines. The writers really tried their best. The paper earned me a good grade, but it wasn’t an excellent grade. However, I am pleased with the results. It was an original paper and was formatted correctly. I did not lose any points due to formatting or grammatical errors which was a plus.


Services - C

Upon reading reviews, I got a good idea of what kind of services were offered by BuyEssayFriend. The services are standard. It offers customized papers for students who are willing to pay. As a student, I understand how these services come in handy. Especially when I’m busy. All I had to do was provide the guidelines for my paper and then the journey began. Even though the services were good, I’ve heard of other companies that offer more. Some companies allow clients to purchase pre-written papers and more. Thankfully I didn’t need anything too complicated, just a simple paper. But I will explore other options if I ever need anything more extensive.

Prices - C

Next in my BuyEssayFriend review, I’ll tell you all about the pricing. Prices depend on how many days it will take to have your project completed. So, if you need something done, the sooner you contact the company, the better it will be. Don’t wait until the last minute. Prices also depend on what type of assignment you need. I would have appreciated if the prices were slightly lower. Many other customers agree with me, based on the reviews that I read. Budget prices are always appreciated. I’m not quite sure if I would spend my hard-earned money here in the future. I would tell my friends to compare ratings of other companies before taking the plunge. It all depends on what types of services are needed. But I would recommend all budgeting students to weigh their options more carefully.


Delivery - C

Most BuyEssayFriend reviews speak a little bit about the delivery. This is perhaps the most important part of the process. Because we as students are eager to find out the results of our essays. We are eager to get it submitted so that we can relax and no longer stress out. We have peace of mind knowing that the assignment has been completed and submitted. That’s why delivery is so important. My delivery experience wasn’t perfect. I had trouble downloading the file for my paper. I panicked for a moment, but with a little help, I was eventually able to open up the file and see my customized paper. I wanted to be sure and include this fact in my review.

Support - B

A positive part of my BuyEssayFriend review is the support. I had help every step of the way. Support was quick to reach out to me when clarity was needed about my guidelines. Also, whenever I had questions, they were easy to contact. Some reviews that I had read said that support wasn’t the best, but I’m happy to report, that wasn’t my experience with BuyEssayFriend. Having the right help is an important part in getting your assignment. The team was caring, respectful, and efficient with meeting my needs as a client. It is not hard to find the phone number and email address to reach out to the staff in times of need. This made me feel like the people really care and that they genuinely want to see their clients succeed.


My overall experience with BuyEssayFriend could stand to use some improvement.  This company got the job done, but I’m confident that there’s better work out there. There’s plenty more fish in the sea, folks.

  • Quality is good
  • Cool support team
  • I had trouble with downloading the file
  • The company is nothing special

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