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Quality - B

Many reviews gave the company great grades for paper quality. The quality is important when considering challenging topics that require more time and research. Unfortunately, for my review I can’t say I was as pleased. I think it sucks my experience with quality isn’t like what is mentioned in other reviews, but they did do an okay job with topic. The content lack interesting information and while it was easy to read I found it lacked proper structure my teacher would expect for the assignment. I requested some changes to the wording and flow and the writer did a better job without any problems. Since I did get quality content with some changes that were needed, I gave the quality a B rating.


Services - C

I couldn’t wait to take advantage of the company’s services after reading other reviews. I have to admit I think Bid4Papers offers help others will find useful for papers, but with my experience, I wish it were better. If you need a paper edited or proofread they have you covered. They have plenty of people on hand to do editing and proofreading, but when I had questions about services they didn’t seem interested in giving detailed answers. I guess they were focused more on getting papers done fast. But the service quality and options shouldn’t be sacrificed if it affects the final outlook of the paper. You should ask about services that are not listed on their website to make sure it is provided to save time and energy later. For my experience, I rate the company with a C rating.

Prices - C

If cheap papers are what you need you can get them here, but it may or may not meet your needs depending on the topic. I saw a review about the company offering cheap rates for papers. Since I was low on cash their rates fit my budget. Bid4Papers may offer cheap rates but their work doesn’t match what you would expect to pay for a custom paper. I felt like the quality of my paper could have been better along with other aspects of the company. For what I felt it was worth, for my review I give the company a C rating for rates.


Delivery - A

The company promised on time delivery of custom papers and they beat the deadline just like they said they would. I thought did a great job getting my paper done by the deadline. Like other reviews on this feature, they did meet the mark and have my paper done on time despite the requested changes. They made a serious effort to get things revised and written. I was able to review the content with ease when it was finished. I appreciated the on time delivery since the paper was due with two days. Since I got what I needed fast I will give the delivery service an A star rating.

Support - C

Now I see why there were some low grades for support mentioned in other reviews. I think has room for improvement when it comes to their customer support. The help I got for my paper was okay but I expected more. At times I wouldn’t get a response until the next day. While they had time to complete the work it didn’t make sense for the company to respond so late to questions if they claim to provide papers within the same day of placing an order. Bid4Papers was a little slow responding to my messages. For what I experienced with their customer service support I gave a C rating.


My overall review is somewhere between positive and negative. I think the company can do better with their services, support, and quality in order to justify the rate they charge for papers. is a decent writing service, but I would recommend getting clear answers to your questions before proceeding to the next step to make sure you’re both on the same page about what your paper needs. I hope others considering this service find my review helpful in their decision-making. For what I experienced with the company when assessing all services and features I gave a C rating.

  • Fast delivery
  • Overpriced
  • Support isn’t good

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