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  • Price: from 20$ per page
  • Delivery: from 3 hours

Quality - C

I really liked the name of this academic writing service. Best Essays sounds like something that would deliver quality work for affordable prices. Unfortunately, the name of the company does not reflect its services or its respect for its clients. And I’ve seen several other reviews that make fun of this as well. Long story short, the essay I ordered from the company should have been pretty easy to write. Yet the writer from BestEssays somehow managed to do a very poor job. The content was completely uninteresting and dry. The citations were not formatted properly and I didn’t even get a bibliography page. It was a complete disaster, to be honest. I spent 3 hours trying to fix the paper, then I gave up. And don’t think that they refunded me any money. They didn’t! receives just a C for Quality from me just because the content did not contain plagiarism.


Services - B

The services are interesting and the company really did its best to offer as many of them as possible. You can get any paper in any format written by their writers. Also, you can get term papers and even theses from them. They can help you with resources and research if you need them. It also looks like they are willing to work on more complex, custom projects. The only problem with is their writers. If they would get some more seasoned academic writers on their team, they would do an excellent job. When it comes to Services, the company gets a B from me in my review. Most of the other reviews I’ve read also mention a wide array of different services, including editing and proofreading.

Prices - B

I must admit that I was impressed by their prices. This is, after all, the reason I am giving the company a B in my review. Even though the quality of the essay was subpar, the price per page was very nice. Also, I received a small discount because I was a new client. It looks like the company is willing to work with students and discuss pricing. After all, not everyone has over $100 to spend on an essay. Also, the fact that they did not have any kind of hidden fees made me give the company a B. The only reason they didn’t get an A is the quality of the essay. The price per page is, taking into consideration the quality of the work, just decent. Other reviews agree with this as well.


Delivery - C

Several reviews mentioned delays with delivery. Unfortunately, they delivered the essay late to me as well. should be a lot more mindful of deadlines. Being 20 hours late is not good at all for business. In addition, they writer didn’t even spend the time to write an apology or an explanation. I am sad to award this academic writing service just a C for Delivery. Only a few reviews I’ve read stated that the company delivered on time, unfortunately.

Support - C

I tried their customer support department several times as part of my review. The problem is that they did not respond in a timely manner to any of my emails and messages. The replies came after 2-4 hours. It’s clear that nobody is monitoring the inbox and the chat box. Also, don’t expect to get a reply during night hours. I have to penalize the company in my review because of this. Communication is very important, especially when students need to make sure their project is on track.


The overall experience with BestEssays was decent. The company really needs to get some more experienced writers on board. The quality of the essays is lacking. In addition, they need some more customer support reps to handle emails and messages. Even though the price per page is very good, the quality of the work really destroys the image of the company. However, I feel this writing service has potential. There are some good parts and it’s clear the staff is doing its best. This is why I am going to give the company a C in my review. Things could be better.

  • Services
  • Affordable prices
  • Poor quality
  • Need more supporters

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