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Quality - C

I want to start my review by sharing my experience about their quality. I’m not sure how other reviews gave this company high ratings for their content. I had high expectations since it is a professional service, but I think they missed the mark for topic. The information was interesting but I thought they could have done better to make it interesting to read from the beginning to the end. I found the content kind of boring, but they were willing to improve it based on suggestions I gave. Since I expected better from BestCustomWriting, a so-called professional writing service, my quality rating is a C.


Services - B

I had high expectations for their services after reading other reviews. Yet, one of the few highlights about my review is the services. They have typical services like proofreading and editing. I had other papers part of my order that needed these services specifically and it was done quickly which I appreciated. I thought more support would be provided for certain aspects of the writing process, but learned they only provide services noted on their website. The company offers different options which is good, but I think this is the only thing my review earned a decent B rating.

Prices - C

Many reviews gave high marks for price, but I can’t say that for my experience. I have worked with other writing services so I know what to expect when comparing services to the cost. When comparing prices with and other companies, they are close to what you would expect to pay for a custom paper. However, I felt the price was a little high because my paper didn’t meet the expectation I wanted. Because I wasn’t completely pleased with the quality of the work my review gives a C rating for what I paid.


Delivery - C

I wondered what would happen if I didn’t get my paper before the deadline to turn in. Others that gave reviews for the company with excellent ratings must have got their papers on time, because I didn’t. The delivery of my paper through was okay, but I thought they could have done better. Even though I requested changes to my work the paper was delivered a few hours before I had to turn it in. To me, that was too close for comfort but the paper was done about two days earlier so there was just barely enough time for changes. They got the paper done so I could turn it in, but this delivery needed improvement which is why they get a C.

Support - F

I thought I wouldn’t have any issues with support since other reviews gave the company good marks, but was I wrong. By the time I was done dealing support I was pretty frustrated about experience and started to regret using their services. It found it frustrating it took hours to get an answer to a question that should have been answered within an hour of being asked. I needed to add something to the instructions for the work to ensure the paper was what I wanted, and it took long enough before I got a response to my request. I was worried my paper would fall short before the deadline, but at least someone got back to me. I just wish they replied a little faster. I wasn’t happy with their customer service so I had to give them a poor rating.


My overall experience with BestCustomWriting was negative because I had too many issues from start to finish that I didn’t expect to experience. Before working with the company I thought I would have a positive experience, but there were too many hick-ups along the way and they barely got me to give a review at all. Maybe others will have a better experience with BestCustomWriting, but unfortunately, I’m not sure if I want to work with them again. The content has potential to be great but I think more time should be spent reviewing instructions provided by the customer. Since I did get a paper I was able to turn in while dealing with unfortunate mishaps along the way, I am rating my overall experience an F.

  • Many services available
  • Bad support
  • Poor quality

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