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Quality - B

I recently heard about a new writing service called, so I decided to write a review about it. As I normally do, I ordered an essay from the company. It was a topic in geography, and it wasn’t simple at all. After all, I wanted to test how well the writers handle difficult assignments. To my surprise, the writer was very experienced and managed to compose an incredible essay for me. Everything looked great, from the formatting to the vocabulary. The paper was written in proper academic format, with all references properly cited and included in the Bibliography section. What can I say? The essay was ready for submission as soon as I received it. No need for any edits! Most other reviews I’ve read state the same – quality is very good. The only thing I didn’t like and that ultimately made me give the company a B rather than an A is the fact that the content was a bit dry. It was interesting, but it didn’t have any personality.

Services - A

The company did a very good job structuring its services. Students can get help with everything at Assignmentgeek. This means you can get an essay from A to Z or just some help with the intro or the conclusion. The writers are happy to help students with outlines, ideas and even resources. Of course, proofreading and editing services are offered to students who just need a professional to polish their work. All other reviews I’ve seen praise the wide array of different services. Also, it looks like the company has degree-holding writers and that it can provide essays on any subject and topic you can imagine. This service definitely deserves an A for Services.

Prices - A

A very important part of my review is the prices evaluation. I am well aware that students are not rich and that even $10 means a lot to some of them. Fortunately, this company really impressed me with its prices. The price per page they quote is very affordable. Also, it reflects the quality of the content fully. I am happy to award this service an A for Prices in my review. Students are getting the most bang for their buck here!

Delivery - B

To be honest, everything was too good to be true. So of course, there had to be a problem not mentioned in other reviews. The writer sent the essay 2 hours after the deadline. I agree that he had a very good reason for it. He was polite and professional, apologizing for the delay. And truth be told, the delay wasn’t so big. However, my review has to reflect the fact that I did not receive the paper on time. The reality is that I was offered a partial refund for this mishap, which I greatly appreciated. In addition, I didn’t notice this problem in the other reviews I’ve read. Maybe it was just a very rare mishap. In any case, I consider a B to be a fair score for Delivery.

Support - A

We all know how important customer support is when it comes to academic writing services. There are many students who need quick support, even in the middle of the night. states that its customer support department is active even during the night, so I just had to test this. To my surprise, I received an answer to my message in around 15 minutes at 4 in the morning (other reviews mentioned this as well). This is impressive! If you need any kind of help or you need some information, the customer support department is there for you at any hour of day or night. gets a well-deserved A here!


My review of Assignmentgeek takes into consideration all the factors above. The essay was excellent, even though the writing was a bit too dry for my taste. The services offered by the company, as well as its customer support, were excellent in every way. The delivery was a bit late and this was swiftly penalized. Bottom line, I consider Assignmentgeek to be one of the best academic writing services, taking into consideration its relatively low price per page. They’re awesome.

  • Can help with any assignment
  • Nice customer support
  • Prices are fair
  • Paper arrived a bit late

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