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Quality - B

Over the last few weeks, I’ve seen a lot of reviews all over the Internet. I thought that this writing service is really good. Everyone was praising it, after all. So I decided to give them a try. Maybe I was unlucky, or maybe the other reviews are fake, but I didn’t have a very nice experience with this company. And this is precisely why I am writing this review. I want to let other students know that this writing service is not as good as it appears to be. For me, AdvancedWriters wrote an essay that was far from perfect. It wasn’t bad either, but it still needed some polishing and some proofreading. For the price I paid, and taking into consideration other reviews, this should have not been necessary. In any case, I feel the quality of their work deserves at most a B rating.


Services - C has plenty of services, but most of them are redundant. Basically, they can write essays and research papers. Some say they can also do term papers, but I’m not sure about this. Also, they don’t appear to be able to write theses or dissertations. The proofreading and editing services, while they do exist, don’t offer much for your money. The paper I received had typos and some formatting errors. This means the editors are nonexistent, or they don’t know how to do their job. Also, AdvancedWriters is not willing to help you with materials and research. They only write academic papers. I don’t think they deserve more than a C in my review.

Prices - C

I know you are all very anxious to learn about the costs. Truth be told, I can’t give the company more than a C in my review. Why? Because their price per page for both writing and editing is too high. And if you want the paper ready in less than one week, be prepared to pay a lot more money. Taking into consideration the quality of the paper they’ve sent me, a C is the most I can give them. If they would have sent me an excellent paper that required no editing, they would have received a higher rating. I feel you can get a better product elsewhere for the same amount of money.


Delivery - B

The good thing is that the writer sent the piece on time. Well, almost on time. He was 3 hours late. This is not a big deal for me. However, it could have been a serious problem if I would have been unable to submit the paper to my professor on time. Note that none of the other reviews on the Internet mention problems with delivery. This is a bit suspicious I think. In any case, I think that AdvancedWriters deserves no more than a B for Delivery.

Support - C

Many of the other reviews praised the customer support department. They left me with the impression that support is there for you 24/7. This is not the case. I did not receive a reply to any of my emails or chat messages until morning. Also, they missed some of the emails I sent. It’s clear that nobody is monitoring the email inbox during the night. Also, during my review, I received some replies that were clearly written by people who are no native English speakers. When I asked about their refund policy, they started to make up excuses and delay their responses. This doesn’t look like a professional approach to me, so I can only give the Support department a C.


My overall experience with was mixed. They delivered an essay that was usable and required only minor edits. The price was way too high for this level of quality though. The services are not that many and the customer support department does not work during the night. Also, they are pretty dodgy when it comes to refunds. I can understand that though, because everyone has to make a living. The delivery was almost on time, with just a 3 hour delay. This being said, I consider that a C for Overall Experience is the correct rating in my review. You can get better customer service elsewhere.

  • My paper was graded B, which is not bad
  • High price
  • Bad support

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