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Quality - C

I needed a customized term paper for my American History class, and I needed it quickly. I turned to Academized after reading some reviews. I needed my paper completed within 2 weeks to reach the deadline. All my classmates were ahead of me in getting the assignment completed but struggled to get it done due to my busy schedule. Instead of procrastinating any further, I decided to give this service a try. The paper was good but not great. There were a few minor issues with the quality. The writer missed a few of the instructions. However, this was quickly corrected when I contacted the writer. There was one spelling typo, but I was able to fix it myself. The paper was written well enough to express the main points, but the minor errors made the quality less than great.

Services - B

Next up in this review of Academized, I’ll go over the services. This company specializes in writing help for students. You sign up for an account and then have access to contact writers who can construct a personalized assignment for you. You just need to provide all the details such as the instructions and page length. The site lists services such as dissertation writing, proofreading, paper writing, editing, copy writing and more! This site offers the standard services as many of the other paper writing sites do. Many students like myself need assistance with assignments. This company offers the services that we need. Many reviews state this.

Prices - C

In my review I must mention the prices. This service isn’t free, so I knew that I would have to save up for this experience. There are price estimates listed on the website, but I found that my costs were a bit different from what was shown online. I would say that prices depend on the project. The reviews I read of this company were indeed mixed. I guess some people were pleased while others were not. However, I feel that I overpaid, based on the quality of the paper I received. But I guess the prices were standard.

Delivery - C

If you’ve read any reviews, you would know how important delivery is for students. This is because we have deadlines and we need our orders to be delivered, not only on time, but with the highest quality. My delivery was good but could use some improvements. My assignment was delivered by the expected due date, but I would have been impressed if it was ready a day or more in advance. Fortunately, I was able to get the paper polished and submitted it on time to my professor. I had just enough time to catch errors and make any last-minute inquires before submitting my assignment.

Support - B

The support staff was consistent with following up with all my questions and concerns. They were easy to reach and quick to respond. However, there were times when messages were unclear, and I got conflicting answers from different staff members. I had to state this in my review. Otherwise, the support was pretty standard. The team is always available to help get the ordering process started. Their strong point is getting clients set up. Most reviews talk about the politeness of the support team, but I think their accuracy is of importance to discuss here as well.


My review of this company is neutral. It was nothing special, just like my brother Harry’s life. My paper was completed on time and got the point across. However, the paper had no spunk to it. The paper was boring and I’m sure it didn’t stand out amongst the papers my peers submitted, for example Jerry the Chipmunk got an A for his and I’m sure he ordered his paper somewhere too.  I would shop around before choosing a writing service in the future. I received a passing grade on this assignment, but I know I could’ve scored even higher. But using Academized saved me time. At least I didn’t have to stress about completing the assignment all on my own. And that’s all I can say about them.

  • Paper was done on time
  • Services were fine
  • Paper was boring
  • Score I got was lower than I expected

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